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Abbott, Susanna (1827–28)

[D] See William Abbott.

Abbott, Thomas (1811–16)

Trading at Thompson Ct, Back Bridport St in 1811, and at 28 Duncan St East in 1813. [D]

Abbott, Thomas (1828–33)


Abbott, W. (1820)


Abbott, William (1791)

[D] See Ann Ravald.

Abbott, William (1819–26)

Trading at St Peter's Hill, 1819–22, and Beastmarket in 1826. [D]

Abbott, William (1832–37)

[D] See Susanna Abbott.

Abbott, William (1824–39)

His printed bill head decorated with miniature items of furniture states that he traded as ‘Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, paper hanger & manufacturer of Window Blinds’ and stocked fire grates. [D]

Abbott, William (1840)