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Adderley, Samuel (1835)


Adye, Thomas (1730–53)

Responsible for the carved mahogany ballot box supplied in 1738 to the Society of Dilettanti for whom he had been appointed sculptor. In 1752 when the Mansion House was being furnished he submitted estimates for…

Allen, Samuel (1835–39)

In 1839 trade listed as portable desk, dressing case, work box and cabinet case maker. [D]

Arbuthnot, Philip (1702–27)

One of the most fashionable furniture suppliers of the first decades of the 18th century. In June 1702 he was undertaking repairs to marquetry furniture and executing gilding at Drayton House, Northants., amounting to £52 9s 6d. In…

Armstrong (1719)

Received £9 13s from Lady Bowes on 19 February 1719 for upholsterer's work. [Durham RO, D/St/Box 352/1]

Austin, Cornelius snr (c. 1660–1704)

Cornelius Austin is better known for the fixed joinery work that is found in many of the Cambridge colleges such as King's Chapel, Emmanuel Chapel and the Wren Library at Trinity. He was employed regularly by St John's College from 1682, mainly for…

Banting, France & Co. (1813–40)

The intermesh of titles, France & Banting, Bantings, France & Banting, Banting, France & Co., and ‘Thomas’ and ‘William’ Banting serves to confuse the exact structure of this active firm. In one or other of its names it was active from the…

Barnett, R (1796)

Supplied an ivory cabinet costing £4 14s 6d to the Hon. James Drummond of Perth, in 1796. [Scottish RO, GD 160/Box 46/XIV Bundle]

Bastard, John & William (1756)

Their account rendered to John, 4th Duke of Bedford on 30 July 1756 invoices nine small items: a tea board, coffee board, two trays, a plate basket, two punch ladles and a knife box, totalling £1 13s 3d, and is marked ‘To go to Camp’. The…

Bateman, John

Lancaster (1816–33). Named in the Gillow records between 1816–33. A Regency mahogany teapoy with octagonal hinged top containing two boxes and spaces for two sugar bowls, on turned stem and four-cornered base, is recorded stamped ‘Gillows…