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Ackers, James (1780–81)

[D; Liverpool RO, 352 CLE/REG 1/1]

Ackery, J., Bristol (1834–40)

Addresses at West St in 1834 and at 2 Jacob St from 1839. [D]

Ackroyd, Jane & Sons (1829–39)

[D; PR]

Ackworth, William (1802–11)

Took out a Sun Insurance policy in January 1802 for £3,200 of which stock and utensils accounted for £1,350. Trade label recorded on several respectable pieces of cabinet furniture including a Pembroke table, a secretaire and a…

Acres, Edward (1806–25)

[D; GL, Sun MS vol. 493, ref. 991713]

Acret, John (1778–93)

[D; poll bk; GL, Sun MS vol. 264, p. 519]

Acton, John (1759)

App. to James Begbie, cm, on 1 June 1759. [Wilts. Apps and their Masters]

Acut, Charles Joseph (1839)


Adair, John (1749–69)

Recorded at St Ann's Ct, Covent Gdn in 1749 but by 1763 was established at Wardour St, Soho. Worked at Shardeloes, Bucks., Croome Ct and the Church of St Mary Magdelene, Croome D'Abitot, Worcs. and Syon House, Brentford. [D; poll bk; Conn., June 1981, p.…

Adair, John & William (1769–77)

The use of the same address and a reference to Adair & Co. show an association between John and William Adair in this period. In 1773 William Adair was described as joiner to HM's Privy Chamber, and Supplied ‘two rich carved and…