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Aris, John (d. 1761)

[Bodleian Lib., index of wills, 19 May 1761]

Atkins, Henry (1723–24)

Trade card in Banks Coll., BM. On 16 January 1723 covered goods and merchandise in his dwelling house only, and not elsewhere, for £500 with the Sun fire office. [GL, Sun MS vol. 16, ref. 30962] In October 1724 supplied to Chicheley Hall,…

Bartlett, Edward (1709)

[Poll bk]

England, Thomas (1709)

[London rate bks] Possibly the Thomas England, chairmaker, who provided six chairs and four ‘banketts’ for the 2nd Duke of Bedford in 1710. [Bedford Office, London]

Farmborough, Thomas (1699)

A collection of letters, dating from 1768–92 concerns land bought by Farmborough in Pennsylvania in 1699, and claimed by his descendants. Baptismal and Wedding certificates survive. [Beds. RO, How White Coll., 90]

Fuller, John (1699)

Married Jane Simms at Holy Trinity Church in 1699. [Westminster Ref. Lib., PR]

Gammage (or Gamidge), Robert (1710–d. by 1725)

First mentioned by name on 20 December 1712 when James Logan of Philadelphia, USA, wrote to James Askew, his factor in London ordering ‘2 finest Virginia Walnut Chairs … the same wth those I had of Gamage at the Crown in…

Gardner, William (1703–12)

The date 1703 appears on his trade card and is probably the date of the establishment of the business. This card is illustrated with an engraving of a cane chair of the type fashionable in the early years of the reign of William and Mary and…

Gibson, Christopher (1730–45)

In April 1730 he received payment of £4 15s for chairs supplied to the East India Co. for East India House in Leadenhall St. A further £4 was paid by the same Co. in September 1732 for ‘eight chairs’. In 1742 the business was…

Gillett, John jnr (1833)