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Arne, Thomas (1690–d. 1730)

Initially traded at the ‘George & White Lion’, Great Piazza, Covent Gdn, but in 1698 announced a move to the ‘George’ in Bedford Ct, near Bedford St. By 1707 his address was the ‘Two Crowns & Cushion’ (sometimes…

Atkinson, Edward (1789–1808)

At Old Fleet St in 1789 but by 1793 had moved to Old St Rd. In 1808 the address was 1 Crown Ct, Curtain Rd and the trade given as ‘leather bottom chairmaker’. [D]

Bealing, Richard (1672–1711)

Named frequently in the Royal Household accounts between 1688–1711, supplying bedding, cushions, upholstered furniture, curtains etc. for the Houses of Parliament, Hampton Court, Kensington and Whitehall Palaces and Windsor…

Bennett, Joseph (1818–34)

Trading at Crown St in 1818. [D]

Berrow, Henry (1699–d. by 1723)

Recorded in 1714 having removed from ‘The George & Mitre’ in King St to ‘The Crown’ in Bow St. Admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. on 5 July 1699. Dead by 1723. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records; Heal]

Binns, J. (1827–29)

Trading at Crown Row, Mile End Rd, 1827–28, and 4 High St, Stepney, 1829. [D] See Nimrod Binns.

Bosley (or Boseley), John (1712–39)

Addresses given at ‘The Crown’, Fleetditch, 1712–19, and Ditch Side, 1717–39. Took out insurance policies as a joiner on 16 August 1712 with the Hand in Hand Co. for £150 on his house; with the Sun Co. on 3 October 1713; the Hand in…

Boveri (or Bouveri), Francis (1830–41)

[D; Goodison, Barometers]

Bradshaw, George Smith (b. 1717–d. 1812)

Addresses given at Greek St, Soho, 1737– 59; no. 59 from 1755 (previously the workshop of William Bradshaw); at 80 Dean St with store room at Sutton St, Soho Sq. in 1755; Dean St, 1759–93; at Crown Ct, Dean St, 1769– 87; as Bradshaw,…

Branston, William (1807–35)

Trading at no. 6 by 1816; no. 18 in 1817; and nos 4 and 18 from 1820. [D] Presumably the ‘William Augustus Branstore’, u of 6 Crown St, who took out a Sun Insurance policy on 29 October 1807 for £1,200. [GL, Sun MS vol. 441, ref.…