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Aldis, J.

Pimlico, London. Name stamped on late Regency writing desk.

Anderson, William (1829)


Ayres, Philip (1829)


Barber, J. (1835)

The firm of Barber, Son & Davey, writing desk and dressing case makers, are recorded at this address in 1829. [D]

Barlow, J (1823)


Bayley, Blew & Chapman (1829–35)

The accounts of George IV of 1828 mention a rosewood writing desk edged with brass and a buhl border, patent lock, and flaps covered with green velvet; interior glass is mounted with silver. The cost of £15 12s included a solid…

Blugrove, Ann (1730)

Named in the Stowe MS being paid £3 10s for a writing desk in 1730. [Huntington Lib., California, MS ST 82, p. 261]

Briggs, Thomas (1819–35)

Addresses given at 20 Newington Causeway, 1819–23, and 27 Piccadilly, 1829–35. [D]

Bullen, Henry (1768–d. 1796)

[D] Trading in Butter Mkt, 1784. Advertised sales of furniture and estates in Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, June 1760, 24 June 1769, and 26 May 1770. Listed as an upholder, same paper, 9 October 1784, and named as a member of the Common Council, 10…

Capstack, Capstick and James (1798–1812)

A cm of this name is recorded in the Gillow records for the periods 1798–99, 1800 and 1812–14. He may, or may not, be the same person as the James Capstick whose household and business goods were put up for sale in April 1811. Apart from his household…