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Banks, Benjamin (1801–27)

Took out Sun Insurance policies on 6 July 1801 for £500 of which utensils and stock accounted for £440; and on 2 February 1813 for £500 ‘on house only in 10 High St. in tenure together with 50 Upper Thames (No stove therein)’. [D; C. Life, 30 April 1948,…

Coade, Eleanor and her successors

London (1769–c. 1840). Eleanor Coade (b. 1733–d. 1821) made an artificial stone at Narrow Wall, Lambeth, which so successfully imitated natural limestone that it has been mistaken for it ever since. The firm began in 1769, and it is possible that her…

Emmett, W (1835)


Hodson, John (1709–86)

Son of Thomas Hodson, innholder of Lincoln. App. to Thomas Arne jnr on 23 February 1709, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 3 December 1718. Took app. named Lawrence Rudyard, 1733–45. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records] Appears to have…


Pilgrim St, Newcastle. Probably early 19th-century wine cooler recorded, bearing label which reads: ‘FROM MILLER'S GOTHIC WAREHOUSE OF FASHIONABLE CABINET FURNITURE PILGRIM STREET NEWCASTLEUPON-TYNE.’ Possibly Millar,—; or James Miller.

Salisbury, John snr and jnr (1770–1814)

John Salisbury snr opened a cabinet and upholstery warehouse at Fore St in October 1770. This appears to have adjoined the French Church. He offered to furnish ‘houses for Ladies and Gentlemen at an easy per cent per annum’ and…