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Cooke, Thomas (1746–64)

In 1746 at ‘The Crown & Cushion’, Gt Queen St, Lincoln's Inn Fields. From this address he announced his intention of selling up his stock and going into partnership with ‘Mr Nash at the Royal Bed, Holbourn-…

Cork & Goring (1818)

Bankrupt 1818 and their stock sold by auction October 1818. This consisted of ‘rose wood sofa card and loo tables, mahogany chests of drawers, dressing stands, bed steps, ship sideboard, sets of dining,…

Crow, Augustin (d. by 1689)

Successor to Alderman William Crow. Augustin Crow was already dead by April 1689 when his stock was disposed of. This consisted of ‘all manner of rich Household Goods … as Damask, Mohair and Camlet Beds, Tapestry Hangings, …

Davis (or Davies), Peter (1822–37)

Trading at 9 Lime St, 1822–27, with manufactory at 30 Cable St, 61 Lime St, 1827–29; no. 69, 1832–34; and no. 57, 1837. [D] Advertised the opening of his feather bed warehouse in Liverpool Mercury, 8 November 1802; and on 25 February 1825…

Dixon, Frederick (1824)

Declared bankrupt, London Gazette, 21 December 1824. Possibly:

Fenton, John (1769–72)

Worked at Gibside, Co. Durham, for the Earl of Strathmore. On 21 June 1769 he was paid £1 13s 10d; on 26 May 1770, £1 5s ‘for a Chair for Lord Glamis’; on 9 November 1771, £27 17s 3d for a mahogany ‘Buro Bed’, feather bed…

Flintoff, William (1790–1808)

Took out a Sun Insurance policy for £1,400 on 26 July 1803, in which year he was named in Sheraton's list of master cabiner makers. Trade card or bill head recorded. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 427, ref. 750660; Heal]

Griffith(s), Charles (1831–40)

Freeman of Chester, 27 April 1831. Bankrupt March 1838 and on 3 April his stock was offered for sale at his premises at 89 Watergate St Row. This consisted of ‘four post and tent bedsteads with chintz curtains lined and fringed, hair and…

Hankinson, V. J

London (?). In 1773 supplied Sir John Griffin Griffin of Audley End, Essex, with ‘one Field Bedstead & check furniture’, costing £2 15s; and ‘one feather bed bolster & pillow’, £3 5s. [Essex RO, D/DBy/A31/2]

Heal(e), Fanny & Son (1818–40)

[D; Heal]