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Adams, William (1822)


Allen, Samuel (1835–39)

In 1839 trade listed as portable desk, dressing case, work box and cabinet case maker. [D]

Anderson, John (before 1746)

In the Maryland Gazette, 21 October 1746 he announced that he made ‘Chairs, Tables, Desks, Bureaus, Dressing Tables, Clock Cases and all kinds of Furniture’. He stated that he was ‘late from Liverpool’.

Anderson, William (1830)


Ansell, Samuel (1822–39)

Recorded at Gt Charles St in 1822, no. 147, 1828–30; 28 Kenion St in 1835 as leather cabinet case maker; and Kenyon St in 1839. [D]

Arbuthnot, Philip (1702–27)

One of the most fashionable furniture suppliers of the first decades of the 18th century. In June 1702 he was undertaking repairs to marquetry furniture and executing gilding at Drayton House, Northants., amounting to £52 9s 6d. In…

Ashford & Al(l)dridge (1828–30)

Trading at 67 Shadwell St in 1830. [D]

Attwater, W. (c. 1820)

His trade card at the London Museum states that he manufactured ‘every description of plain and sarcophagus Tea Chests, Knife Cases, Portable Desks, Dressing Cases, Ladies Work Tables and Baskets, Sofa and Pembroke…

Austin, Samuel (1817)


Baines, Henry (1739–84)

Admitted freeman as a joiner, 1739–40, and took eighteen app. joiners and cm between 3 September 1744 and 15 October 1785. On account of his ‘declining business’, a sale of his stock in trade began on Monday 18 February 1782, and was ‘to continue until…