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Abbott, Anthony (b. 1773/74–d. 1831)

Recorded in 1796 at 14 Rainford's Gdn and subsequently at Davies St, Hackins Hey and Bolt St. In 1816 he had a warehouse at 3 Lower Spaling St. Advertised on 30 April 1813 that he had ‘arrived from London with a selection of the newest patterns in …

Abbott, William (1824–39)

His printed bill head decorated with miniature items of furniture states that he traded as ‘Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, paper hanger & manufacturer of Window Blinds’ and stocked fire grates. [D]

Abrey, Henry (1823–40)

In November 1834 suffered a fire at his cabinet warehouse in New St, Chelmsford. [D; Times, 25 November 1834; Oxford RO, Misc. LR 1/9; Essex RO, Q/RJ/2/1]

Ackworth, William (1802–11)

Took out a Sun Insurance policy in January 1802 for £3,200 of which stock and utensils accounted for £1,350. Trade label recorded on several respectable pieces of cabinet furniture including a Pembroke table, a secretaire and a…

Adams, George snr (d. 1773)

Small inlaid mahogany cabinet of c. 1750 by this maker belongs to University College, Oxford (on loan to the Museum of the History of Science).

Adams, George (1777–1828)

Initially at 42 Haydon Sq., Minories, but from 1788 address changed to 122 Minories. Son of George Adams of Canterbury, innholder. App. to Joseph Merryman on 7 June 1769 and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. on 6 August 1777 by servitude. In that…

Adams, William (1822)


Adamson, Robert (1751–66)

His trade card [Heal; MMA; NY] states that he ‘Makes all sorts of Cabinet Looking Glasses and Mahogany Goods at the lowest Prices. NB. Funerals perform'd & Goods Appraised’. On 11 April 1766 supplied to Sir William Robinson of Newby Hall…

Aitken, Thomas (1760)

Trade card illustrated in Heal states that he ‘Makes and Sells all Sorts of Cabinet and Chair Work’.

Algar, Joseph (1821)

On 30 May 1821 took out cover for £1,000 with the Sun Fire Office on his dwelling house at which it was stated there was ‘no stove nor cabinet work done therein’. [GL, Sun MS, vol. 488, ref. 980500]