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Abbott, William (1819–26)

Trading at St Peter's Hill, 1819–22, and Beastmarket in 1826. [D]

Abel, Samuel (1775–95)

Took up auctioneering in 1786. Advertised for journeymen cm and chairmakers in 1775, 1789, 1791. [D; Leicester Journal, April 1775; 16 September 1786; 19 June 1789; 25 March 1791]

Abraham, David (1823–30)


Abram, William jnr (b. 1816–41)

[PR; 1841 Census]

Absell, James (1835–39)


Ackery, J., Bristol (1834–40)

Addresses at West St in 1834 and at 2 Jacob St from 1839. [D]

Ackworth, William (1802–11)

Took out a Sun Insurance policy in January 1802 for £3,200 of which stock and utensils accounted for £1,350. Trade label recorded on several respectable pieces of cabinet furniture including a Pembroke table, a secretaire and a…

Adair, William Robert (1777–85)

Initially carried on his business from 26 Wardour St, Soho, which had been earlier used by John Adair. In 1799 he was trading from 55 King St, Golden Sq., but by 1802 the business had transferred to 47 Brewer St, opposite Gt Pulteney St. A trade label…