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Aaron, Randolph, Market Ct, Bow St, London, upholder (1706). [GL, Hand in Hand MS vol. 4, ref. 11781]

Abbey, Harry C., North St, York, joiner and cm (1787–1810). Died September 1810 aged 38; stock sold March 1811. [D; York Courant, 17 September 1810 and 18 March 1811] 

Abbey, Jonathan, Queen St, Seven Dials, London, cm (1775). [GL, Sun MS vol. 242, p. 551]

Abbey, Thomas, 11 Orange St and 15 Crooks Row, St Pancras, London, carver, gilder and joiner (1808–10). [GL, Sun MS vol. 443, ref. 825053]

Abbis, Thomas, Edmonton, London, upholder (1722–78). Son of Nicholas Abbis of Peckham, surgeon. App. to Wall Tidmarsh on 6 July 1715. Admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. on 5 September 1722 by servitude. Took app. named Zachariah Clarke in 1728.

Abbot & Stidston, 137 Long Acre, London, u (1786–93). [D] See Philip Abbott & William Stidston.

Abbot, Anthony & Sons, 32 Nelson St, Liverpool, u (1834–35). [D]

Abbot, Elizabeth, Park St, Leamington, Warks., cm (1830). [D]

Abbot, John, 4 Wilmot St, Russell Sq., London, cm and u (1829). [D]

Abbot, Joseph, Debenham, Suffolk, carpenter and cm (1824). [D]

Abbot, Mathew & Richard, Uppingham, Leics., chair turners (1790–98). [D]

Abbot, William, Preston, Lancs., u (1781–84). [D]

Abbot(t), David, Conduit St, Bedford, cm and u (1839). [D]

Abbot(t), James, Newgate St, Chester, cm (1778–97). Admitted freeman in 1778. Took apps named Edward Turner in 1778 and Thomas Walker in 1782. A cm of the same name is recorded at Watergate St, Chester in 1826. [D; Chester freemen rolls and app.

Abbot(t), Philip, St James, Westminster, London, upholder (1780). Declared bankrupt, Gents Mag., November 1780.

Abbott & Siddons, 175 Long Acre, London, upholders (1784). [D]

Abbott, Andrin, Off Alley, Westminster, London, cm (1774). [Poll bk]

Abbott, Anthony, Liverpool, upholder (b. 1773/74–d. 1831). Recorded in 1796 at 14 Rainford's Gdn and subsequently at Davies St, Hackins Hey and Bolt St. In 1816 he had a warehouse at 3 Lower Spaling St.

Abbott, Henry, 205 High St, Shoreditch, London, cm and u (1839). [D]

Abbott, John, London, carver and gilder (1765–68). Addresses in Dopping Alley, 1765, and Fleet Bridge, 1768. [GL, City Licence bks, vols 4 and 6]

Abbott, John, Cathedral Precincts, Canterbury, Kent, joiner and u (1782–86). Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1782 for £300 on his utensils and stock. [GL, Sun MS vol. 299, p.2; vol. 304, p.585; Canterbury freemen rolls]

Abbott, John, Market Pl., Wellingborough, Northants., cm (1823–30). [D]

Abbott, John, 17 Judd St, Somerstown, London, cm and u (1839). [D]

Abbott, Nehemiah, 1 Spring Pl., Brownlow Lane, Chapel Hill, Liverpool, u (1834–37). [D]

Abbott, Philip, Coventry St (?), London, u (1777). See William Norton.