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Arbuthnot, Philip, Villers St, Strand, London, cm, japanner and looking-glass seller (1702–27). One of the most fashionable furniture suppliers of the first decades of the 18th century.

Beck, Arnold Frederick, Glassonbury St, Long Acre, London, cm and musical instrument maker (1763–77). Insured his household goods and stock for £150 and wearing apparel for £50 on 2 August 1763. [GL, ref. 201685, p.

Blea, —, Swerford, Oxon., ‘Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, Carver Gilder, Sign Decoration Painter’ (c. 1830–40). So reads heading of bill which continues ‘Projecting Word Letters carved, Brass Door Plates etc. Neatly Engraved’. [Private coll.]

Butler, J., Deptford Bridge, London. A folio trolly in the Codrington Lib., Oxford, has a brass tablet engraved with this maker's name.

Channon, John, 109 St Martin's Lane, London, cm (b. 1711–d. c. 1783). In the 18th century there were many Channons living in Exeter and Tiverton, and it is not always possible to establish their precise relationship to each other.

Channon, T., (fictitious). Misreading by Heal and Edwards, DEF, of initial letter J on engraved brass maker's tablets on the Powderham bookcases.

Chippendale, Thomas snr, London, cm (b. 1718–d. 1779).

Cooper, Joseph, London, carver, gilder, looking-glass maker, cm and u (1761–1828). From 1761 to 1797 at 20 Noble St, Foster Lane.

Copland, Henry, Gutter Lane, Cheapside, London, engraver and designer (1720–d. 1753). Trained as a silver engraver. App. to goldsmiths in 1720 and 1724. His engraved work popularised the Rococo style.

Crouch, Ceasar, ‘The Black Swan’, south side of St Paul's, London, trade unknown (1754–67). Free of the Joiners’ Co. by consent, 3 October 1755.

Dalrymple, Hugh, London, upholder and undertaker (1809–17). Trading at 90 Charlotte St, Rathbone Pl. in 1817. [D] In 1809 he supplied Earl Spencer of Althorp, Northants. with ‘a Mah-y Cabinet of Fine Wood on castors ornamented wt. Black Moulding wt.

Dobson, William, Strand, London, ‘HARDWAREMAN, STATIONER, &c., Dealer in fine Cutlery, Manufacturers of Pocket Books, Writing Desks, Shaving, Dressing, Cases &c.’ (1797–1847). Recorded at no. 165, 1797–1805; no.

Farrington, Richard snr and jnr, Newcastle, carvers and gilders, cm and u (1778–1844). Recorded at Painter-heugh, 1778–87; Broad Chair, 1787–1806; Farrington's Ct, 8 Bigg Mkt, 1806–44; and also 10 Eldon Pl., 1833–44.

Fisher, Jabez Henry, Exeter, Devon, carver and gilder (1826–30). In 1826 he succeeded to the business of Duchemin at 7 High St, adding stationery, art materials, pier tables, cornices, frames and lamps to the stock.

Folgham, John, London, cm, case and knife-case maker, dealer in silver and plated goods (c. 1750–1803). Trade card, c. 1760, gives address opposite the ‘Castle Inn’, Wood St; trade card and directories, c.

Fowles, Sir Thomas, shop near Temple Bar, London.

Fuhrlohg, Christopher, 24 Tottenham Ct Rd, between Percy St and Hanaway Yd, 22 Gerard St, and 12 Gt Russell St, Bloomsbury, London, cm, inlayer and u (b. c. 1740–d. after 1787). Christopher Fuhrlohg came from a Swiss family which emigrated to Sweden.

Gardner, William, ‘The One Cane Chair’, south side of St Paul's Churchyard, London, cane chairmaker (1703–12). The date 1703 appears on his trade card and is probably the date of the establishment of the business.

Gates, William, St Martin's Lane, London, cm (1774–after 1800). William Gates was a cm who specialized in fine inlay and engraved woodwork.

Gibson, Christopher, ‘The King's Arms’, St Paul's Churchyard, London, u (1730–45). In April 1730 he received payment of £4 15s for chairs supplied to the East India Co. for East India House in Leadenhall St. A further £4 was paid by the same Co.

Hervé, François, Johns (or John) St, London, cm and chairmaker (1781–96).

Jackson & Graham, 37 and 38 Oxford St, London, cm and u (1836–40). One of the leading furniture makers of the Victorian period but in business at 37 Oxford St by June 1836.

Jensen, Gerrit, St Martin's Lane, London, cm (1680–d. 1715). Gerrit Jensen, whose name occurs in the Lord Chamberlain's accounts spelt in fourteen different ways (sometimes anglicized as plain Garrard Johnson), has been called ‘the English Boulle’.

Johnson, Thomas, various addresses in and around Soho, London, carver, gilder and designer (b. 1714–c. 1778). Thomas Johnson, son of Thomas and Mary Johnson, was bapt. at the church of St Giles-in-the-Fields, London on 13 January 1714.

Jones, Owen, 18 Fazakerley St, Liverpool, cm (1818). The DEF has an illustration of a work table of Regency date which bears an engraved brass plaque inscribed ‘OWEN JONES FECIT’ which may refer to this maker. [D]