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Arnold, Michael, York Buildings, Westminster, London, u (1739–50). Supplied goods and undertook work for Lord Monson.

Baines, Henry, Lancaster, joiner and cm (1739–84). Admitted freeman as a joiner, 1739–40, and took eighteen app. joiners and cm between 3 September 1744 and 15 October 1785.

Blenkinsop(p) (or Blenkinshop), Peter jnr, Durham, u (1754–62). Recorded in Market Pl. before 1762, and Sadler St from 1762.

Bramah, J. & Sons, west end of Piccadilly, London, ‘Patent Engine Lock & Water Closet Manufacturer’ (1807–23).

Brown, W., 6 Gt George St, Liverpool, cm and u (1832–34). Advertised in Liverpool Mercury, 18 May 1832, that he ‘has removed from 41 St. James Street to No. 6 Great George Street’. Sale of stock announced, same paper, 2 May 1834, ‘of Mr. W.

Burnett, Thomas, Strand, London, u and cm (1744–74). Recorded at ‘The King's Arms, against the New Church in the Strand’, 1747–66, and no. 61 Strand, 1760–74. [D] In partnership with Gilbert Burnett, 1747–74.

Cobb, John, 72 St Martin's Lane, London, u and cm (c. 1715– 78). John Cobb was presumably the one of that name put app. in 1729 to Tim Money, a Norwich u, for £45. [GL, Boyd's app. lists, vol. VI, p.

Cotterell, Thomas, Birmingham, cm (1731–54). In 1731 took app. named Clement; in 1735, Hodgkins; in 1752, Chamberlain; and in 1754, Masefield.

Gomm, William & Richard, London, cm and u (c. 1698–1794). William Gomm was born c. 1698 the son of Richard Gomm, a yeoman farmer of Chinnor, Oxon. In 1713 he was app. to Hugh Maskall of London, a member of the Leathersellers’ Co.

Marshall, John, Framlingham, Suffolk, ‘Maker from London’ (1728).

Morris, John, at ‘The Three Brushes and Coffee-Mill’, New Bond St, London, turner. 18th-century advertisement lists stock including Windsor chairs, close stools, tea boards, tea chests, ‘Four Wheel Chaises for Children’, and ‘Chamber Horses’.

Nix, George, London, cm (1744–51). Information about George Nix is somewhat sparse. In 1716 he is described as ‘citizen and joiner’ and recorded taking app. named Edward, son of Edward Halfhide, citizen and joiner, on 15 August for a payment of £15.

Norris, John, 20 Market St Lane, Manchester, cm (1772–88). Supplied furniture to George Cooke at Dunham Massey, Cheshire, 1773–88. On 27 October 1773 £14 14s was paid for mahogany furniture and on 19 June 1775 £5 15s 6d for two chests of drawers.

Packer, Thomas, address unknown, chairmaker (1729–30). On 20 December 1729 invoiced to Edward Monnington of Sarnesfield Court, near Kington, Herefs.

Perry, Alexander, Great White House, King St, Bloomsbury, London, cm (1733). In March 1733 his stock in trade was offered for sale.

Reynoldson, George, York, u (1695–d.1764). George Reynoldson was one of the most eminent u and cm in York during the 18th century.

Russell, William, address unrecorded, cm and chairmaker (1728–29). Heal records notice of sale of stock in newspapers of 1728. Harris & Son in The English Chair, p.

Shuter, John, Cambridge, u (1662–d.1699). Detailed payments are recorded to John Shuter in the accounts of Trinity College between 1662–91 and St John's College between 1667–90.

Thompson, Francis, at ‘The Three Chairs’, St John's Lane, near Hick's Hall, London, turner and chairmaker ‘from Mr. AYLIFFE, Turner to His Majesty’ (c.1750).

Thorn, —, at ‘The Beehive & Patten’, John St, Oxford Mkt, London, cricket bat, turnery and patten warehouseman (1764).

Townson, William, Norfolk, cm (1755–60). Probably the Townson who supplied furniture to Holkham Hall, Norfolk, between 1755–58.

Walker, Thomas, Scale Lane and Savile St, Hull, Yorks., cm (1765–94). App. to Charles Rawlins, cm of Beverley, Yorks.; free in 1765. On his death in 1794 the business was continued by his widow Elizabeth and his son Robert.

Wood, Mr, address unknown (1761). On 25 June 1761 paid £1 10s by Lord Monson for a close stool. [Lincoln RO, Monson 10 1/A/5]

Wright, Richard & Elwick, Edward, Wakefield, Yorks., upholders (1745–1771); Elwick, Edward & Son (1771–d. 1787); Elwick, John & Robinson, John (1788–1816).