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Arbuthnot, Philip, Villers St, Strand, London, cm, japanner and looking-glass seller (1702–27). One of the most fashionable furniture suppliers of the first decades of the 18th century.

Gumley, Elizabeth, London, cm (1674–d. 1751); Gumley, John, cm and manufacturer of plate- and looking-glass (1691–1727).

Jensen, Gerrit, St Martin's Lane, London, cm (1680–d. 1715). Gerrit Jensen, whose name occurs in the Lord Chamberlain's accounts spelt in fourteen different ways (sometimes anglicized as plain Garrard Johnson), has been called ‘the English Boulle’.

Nix, George, London, cm (1744–51). Information about George Nix is somewhat sparse. In 1716 he is described as ‘citizen and joiner’ and recorded taking app. named Edward, son of Edward Halfhide, citizen and joiner, on 15 August for a payment of £15.

Pistor, Thomas, ‘The Cabinet’, Ludgate Hill, London, joiner and cm (1694–d. by 1711). A member of the Joiners’ Co. and a signatory of a petition presented by that Company to the City of London in 1694.

Strahan, Patrick, ‘The King's Arms & Ball’ by Fleet Ditch, London (1709–41). The combination of his name and his ability to attract Scottish clients suggest that he came to London from Scotland in his youth.