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Vaughan, Samuel (1751-72)

Vaughan, Samuel, London, sedan chairmaker to their Majesties and the Royal Family (1751–72). Recorded at Piccadilly in 1751 and at Coventry St, Piccadilly, 1763–72. [D] Submitted a bill to Lord Monson dated 26 January 1751 for a total of £63 4s 6d. The Monson papers also record payment to S. Vaughan on 30 January 1770 of £2 2s, and to Samuel Vaughan in 1771 of £17 3s ‘for a Sedan Chair 16 × 16 for Miss Monson & Cypher’. [Lincoln RO, Monson 11/9; 10/1/A/3] The Earl of Ancaster paid Sam Vaughan, chairmaker, £50 4s on 14 May 1755; and £22 15s on 14 May 1761 for work done from 1755 to 1 June 1760. [Lincoln RO, 2 ANC 6/7–8] The Sherborne accounts (7th Lord Digby) note under 1763 a payment to ‘Mr Vaughan, Chairmaker £37. 13s.’ The Croome Court accounts record payment on 28 September 1764 of £101 3s 10½d for building a lady's sedan chair, the ‘ornaments as by Mr. Adam's directions’. A bill, dated 1766 in the Nostell Priory papers, is for a lady's sedan chair costing £48 8s. [V & A archives] In Thomas Bridgeman's account of payments made to creditors of Francis, Marquess of Tavistock after the latter's death in 1767, Vaughan is shown as having received £3 15s on 25 March, but items are not specified. [Bedford Office, London] On 19 March 1770 Vaughan charged Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Bart a total of £6 8s 6d for oiling, cleaning and ‘gold lackring all the brass’ on a sedan chair, making ‘new rich white silk curtains’, festooned and with ‘a rich silk fringe’ and white tassels, and painting the poles. [Lincoln RO, 2 ANC 12/D/29] Supplied chairs to Petworth. [Apollo, May 1977, p. 362] See Edward and George Vaughan, and Vaughan, Holmes & Griffin, sedan chairmakers of Coventry St.

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.