Ravald & Morland

London; upholders and cabinet maker(1779–93)
Recorded at 13 Prince's St, Soho, 1780–93. Submitted a bill to Sir John Griffin Griffin of Audley End, Essex, dated 19 January 1779 and totalling £64 7s 9d for items supplied to Sir John's London house in New Burlington St. Items included ‘A Set of Carved Cornishes made to your Laths with honeysuckle middles …’; ‘Covering the above cornishes with your furniture stripe’; thirty-six ‘splat back rout Chairs with shaped Matted seats neatly Japand to Match your Stripe’; Wilton carpeting for the ante-room, dressing-room and stairs; and ‘2 Neat pole stands with turnd Ivory tops for your Screens a Moulding round Ditto and japand to match the rout Chairs’. In 1780–81 Ravald & Morland were paid 4s for repairing a ‘Japan Rout Chair’ and ‘Japan Pole Fire Screen’. The firm was employed at Carlton House, 1783–86, submitting a bill of £513 15s 3d for upholstery work. On 10 August 1784 they charged the Prince of Wales £33 18s for a large mahogany secretaire, the lower part consisting of a desk drawer and three drawers with folding doors, the upper part with a variety of drawers and sliding shelves; a carved scroll pediment, octagonal glazed doors, and two silk curtains which cost an extra £1 12s. Ravald & Morland also provided a mahogany library stool ‘stufed & covered w. plain satin haircloth and finished w. best brass nails’, costing £3. Bills at Osterley Park, London, include one from Ravald & Morland for £5 10s 8d dated 6 December 1784 to Mrs Child, for cleaning and repairing furniture, hangings, ornaments and pictures throughout the house. Further repairs were carried out in 1787. A receipt for £92 11s dated 1788 is signed by John Morland for furniture delivered ‘for self and the Representative of Mr. Ravald Deceased.’ [D; Essex RO, D/ DBy/A37/4; A39/5; A210–2; RA, 25069; H. Clifford Smith, Buckingham Palace; Fastnedge, Sheraton Furniture] See John Ravald.