Phillips, John

London; cabinet maker(1725–62)
In May 1725 at ‘the corner of St Paul's Chain in St Paul's Churchyard’ where he took out insurance cover of £1,000 on goods and merchandise in his dwelling house. He traded at the sign of ‘The Cabinet’ and when in February 1732 he moved to premises against St Peter's church in Cornhill he used this sign at the new location also. Worked at Badminton House, Glos. for the 3rd Duke of Beaufort, 1728–33, and received £444 9s 6d. Part of the bill for two frames ‘richly carv'd & Guilt in Burnish'd Gold’ is endorsed ‘The R. Hon. the Lady Scudamore's Bill’. A narrow walnut bureaubookcase is known with a small circular label giving the St Paul's Churchyard address. He is also recorded as being a looking glass supplier. [Heal; GL, Sun MS vol. 20, ref. 35903; Daily Post, 3 February 1732; Wills, Looking-Glasses; Glos. RO, Badminton MS 304.11.1]