Pelletier, Thomas

London; carver and gilder(1692–1723)
Probably brother to John Pelletier. In August 1711 he was living in a house on the south side of Covent Gdn which he insured for £450. He also owned a house in Maiden Lane which was insured for £250. This latter property was still being insured in July 1723, but his own address was then being given as the parish of St Giles-in-the-Fields. Employed at Boughton House, Northants., 1692–1708, and at the time of the 1st Duke of Montagu's death £2,382 12s 6d was owed to the Pelletiers’ for work undertaken. This was claimed by Thomas as executrix for his mother in 1709, but not paid until 1712. One of the Pelletier family was active as late as 1727 when payment was received by a Mrs Pellitier, probably the wife of Thomas or John, for work undertaken for the Duke of Chandos at Cannons, Edgware, Middlx. The payment of £26 5s was for setting up a cartoon. Apart from his work as a carver and gilder Pelletier also supplied ordinary household furniture to Boughton including a pair of walnut elbow chairs at £1 10s, a walnut bureau and a folding table at £8 and a glass with a japanned frame at 16s. There is no evidence, however, to confirm that he made such items. [V&A archives; Beard, Craftsmen and Interior Decoration in England, p. 275; GL, Hand in Hand MS vol. 9, p. 224; vol. 27, p. 206]