Murray, George

Tweedmouth, Northumb.; cabinet maker, upholder and carpet manufacturer(1757–d.1768)
Took apps named Oliver in 1757 and Cowen in 1758. [S of G, app. index] Advertised in Newcastle Courant, 13 June 1767 that he ‘has just imported from Sussex, a large quantity of Field Turnip Seed … which he proposes to sell…’. Dead by 13 February 1768, when notice of the sale on 14 March of his household furniture and stock in trade appeared in Newcastle Chronicle. Stock included ‘a very large Assortment of Mahogany and other Tables, Bureaus, Chests of Drawers, Glasses, a great variety of Paper Hangings, Wilton and Scotch Carpets, many webs of Carpeting, a great Quantity of wool, Longwood, Madder, Cochineal, and other Dyes used in dying the Yarn for carpets &c. Also all the Looms, and Cabinet-Maker's tools, and many other Articles too tedious to particularize. After the sale of the above-mentioned Goods, about 6,000 feet of Mahogany and a large Quantity of Beech, Walnut Tree, Wainscot and other wood will be put up to sale in small lots of about 100 feet each lot…’. A similar advertisement appeared in Newcastle Chronicle, 7 May 1768.