Haworth, Thomas

near ‘The Angel’, High St, Doncaster, Yorks.; upholder and cabinet maker(1766)
Advertised in Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 28 June 1766, as ‘Some years foreman to Mr. Saunders, late of Soho Square, now of Great Queen Street, London…He furnisheth all sorts of Upholstery and Cabinet Work in the Newest Taste and on the most reasonable Terms, having laid in a fresh Assortment of Goods of the Best Qualities and Newest Fashions. Great Choice of Paper Hangings, Entire New Patterns; Turkey, Wilton, Persia, and Scotch Carpets; Papier Machee, Ornaments, Frames, Girandoles, Borders &c. Journeymen Cabinet or Chair Makers that are Good Hands may be sure of Constant Employ. Also Wanted a Person as Foreman in the CabinetBranch. One Qualified for such an undertaking May Depend on Encouragement equal to Merit.’