Gole, Cornelius

London; cabinet maker(c. 1689–91)
Employed by Queen Mary II in the early years of her reign. She had possibly used him, or his uncle Adrian before 1689, for the latter was recorded in Amsterdam from 1683, having moved from Paris. Princess Mary's account book for this period records transactions with ‘Goal, the Cabinetmaker’ on several occasions. When she came to London after the Revolution he followed and commissions are listed in 1691. In August of that year is recorded ‘a large table of markatree, the sides, drawer & supports carved with ornaments & flowers & finely lackred, also a pair of stands carved & Lackred suiteable’. For these £20 was charged. In the same year Queen Mary was supplied by Gole with ‘a large frame for a looking glasscarved richly with ornament & flowers & inlaid with wood of all sorts of colours £14’. Also made was another frame ‘richly carved with cyphers & their Majestie's arms with an Imperial crowne & other ornaments’. [PRO, LC9/280, p. 27a]