Capstack, Capstick and James

Market St, Lancaster; cabinet maker(1798–1812)
A cm of this name is recorded in the Gillow records for the periods 1798–99, 1800 and 1812–14. He may, or may not, be the same person as the James Capstick whose household and business goods were put up for sale in April 1811. Apart from his household furniture, much of which was mahogany, carpets, looking-glasses, etc, he had a stock consisting of ‘new-made mahogany writing desks, wardrobes, chests of drawers, clock-cases, washstands, night-chairs, tables, pier and swing looking glasses’, eight work benches, mahogany and oak in planks and boards and mahogany veneers. In the same year a James Capstick was made freeman of Lancaster as a cm. [Westminster Ref. Lib., Gillow vol. 344/98, p. 1600; Lancaster Gazette, 27 April 1811, 25 April 1812; freemen rolls]