Brumfield (or Bro(o)mfield), Philip

London; carver and gilder to the Crown(1661–67)
Recorded in the Royal Household accounts between 1662–67 supplying furniture for Hampton Court and Whitehall Palace, including ‘sixe Sheilds all Gilt with burnish gold’; ‘Stooles Crimson and gould gilt with burnish gold’; ‘very Large Stands richly carved & gilt with burnish gold’; and numerous carvedgiltsconces and ‘X gilt Brannches’. [PRO, LC 5/39–40; Conn., January 1934, p. 22; April 1934, p. 226; September 1938, p. 125; R. W. Symonds, Furniture-making in 17th and 18th Century England, p. 142]