Bogaert(s) (or Bogeart), Peter

London; carver, gilder, upholder etc.(1792–1819)
Trading at 142 Tottenham Ct Rd in 1792, and as Bogaerts & Co. at 23 Air St, Piccadilly, 1809–19. [D; Westminster Ref. Lib., poor rate bk, D135] Took out Sun Insurance policies on 10 July 1792 for £100; and on 18 October 1809 for £300 on household goods. An earlier policy of 1809 refers to Paul Storr, the celebrated silversmith for whom he may have produced the models for making silver castings. [GL, Sun MS vol. 389, ref. 602642; vol. 448, refs 836376 and 836378] Bogaerts and Storr submitted a bill to the Prince of Wales on 17 December 1807 for supplying to Carlton House two carved and gilt candelabra for nine lights each, nine ft high, ‘to stand one on each side of the Throne’, £410. [RA 25282] On 1 February 1809 ‘Bogart carver’ was paid £8 11s 6d by Edward, Lord Lascelles, probably for work at Harewood House, Hanover Sq., London. [Leeds archives dept, Harewood MS 192] A Peter Bogaerts, carver of St James's, Westminster, took app. named John Newbury on 6 April 1805 for £50. [PRO, IRI/40 and HO/107/1475]