Bennet(t), Samuel

‘at the Sign of the Cabinet’, Lothbury, London; cabinet maker(c. 1695–d. 1741)
The name of this accomplished craftsman and the words ‘LONDON FECIT’ are found inlaid on two high-quality bureau-bookcases, on the pilasters framing the doors (Fig. 5). One of these, formerly in the Donaldson Coll. is veneered in burr elm, and the lower stage is ‘bombé’ in the Dutch style. The other, now in the V & A, is veneered in burr walnut and decorated with arabesquemarquetry. A label found in the drawer of a third walnut bureau at H M Legation to the Holy See in Rome reads: ‘This cabinet was made by Samuel Bennett at the Sign of the Cabinet in Lothbury. He Maketh and Selleth all kinds of Fine Cabinet-Work and Looking-Glasses, at Reasonable Rates’. A china cabinetveneered with oyster walnut and laburnum, c. 1695, inlaid on the inside doors ‘SAMUEL BENNETT’ and ‘MONMOUTH SQUARE’ is recorded in the collection of Viscount Rothermere. [Cescinsky & Gribble, English Furniture and Woodwork, p. 276] Took out Sun Insurance policies on 30 September 1723 for £300 on goods and merchandise in ‘The Cabinetmaker's’ warehouse in Paul's Alley, Red Cross St, and in the yard; and on 10 October 1729 for £1,000 on stock in trade in his dwelling house. [DEF; GCM; V & A archives; Conn., vol. 141, 1958, p. 83 (illus.); Fastnedge, English Furniture 1500–1830, p. 296; Wills, English Furniture 1550–1760, p. 191, pl. 24; p. 185; C. Life, 23 January 1942, p. 169; GL, Sun MS vol. 17, ref. 29950; vol. 29, ref. 48902]