Alden, Anne

Below the conduit, Exeter, Devon; upholder(1717–24)
In 1717 took app. named Humphrey Wilcox who continued the business at the same address on her retirement in 1724. Between October and Christmas 1724 he disposed of her stock which consisted of ‘standing beds, common curtains and vallince, Ticks made or unmade, Feathers, quilts, Ruggs, Blankets, Chairs, Fire Screens, fine or ordinary matts, Looking-Glasses, a Book-case, with arch'd Glass doors, mounted on a Buroe, single buroes, Scrutoires, Chests of Drawers, Tea-Tables, of all sorts, Dressing Tables, glass and gildedsconces, very large and fine Corner Cupboards, or ordinary ones, Haratines, China's printed stuffs, plain and striped stuffs, Bed laces and all sorts painted Linnen, Hangings’. [The Post Master or Loyal Mercury, 23 October 1724]