Ackworth, William

86 High Street, Chatham, Kent; upholder and cabinet maker(1802–11)
Took out a Sun Insurance policy in January 1802 for £3,200 of which stock and utensils accounted for £1,350. Trade label recorded on several respectable pieces of cabinet furniture including a Pembroke table, a secretaire and a bowfronted chest of drawers sold at Bonham's on 18 October 1979, lot 55. His pictorial label states that he was able to supply ‘Gentlemen of the Army and Navy’ with ‘Beds, Mattresses & Bedding’. Also traded as chairmaker, undertaker, appraiser and auctioneer. [D; poll bk; C. Life, 28 July 1977 (illus.); GL, Sun MS, vol. 43, ref. 728207]