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ABEL, Anthony, cm, 5 Upper Westwick Street, Norwich (1778-1802).

ABEL, Daniel, up, Pottergate Street; then Bedford Street, Norwich (1838-1868).

ABEL, Thomas, cm, Pitt Street, Norwich (1839-1842). D 1839, 1842.

ADCOCK, John, joiner, St. Andrew, Norwich (1715-1735).

ALDEN, James, cabinet maker, Norwich (1814).

ALDOUS, John, cm, New Market, Beccles (1823-1839).

ALDRED, John, cm, Yarmouth (1795). See John Sallows.

ALDRED, William Fair, chm, North Quay, Yarmouth (1835-1838).
D 1836 — North Quay: h. 37 Row.

ALEXANDER, John, cm, St. Faith's Lane, St. George Tombland, Norwich (1790-1835).

ALLDRED, ?cm. Distillery St., West Pottergate, Norwich (1838d).

ALLEN, Edward, tur, Norwich, then London (1819-1830).
Apprenticed to John Crotch. Free 31/12/1819.

ALLEN, William, tur, Barford (1806). P(Nfk) 1806.

ALLOYCE, Abraham jun., tur, St Lawrence, Norwich (1695-1735).
Free 4/3/1695 as s.o. Abraham Alloyce.

ALLOYCE, Abraham sen., tur, St. Lawrence, Norwich (1664-1734).
Free [?by purchase] 21/9/1664.

ALLURED, John, up, Market Place, Yarmouth (1783-1797).

ALLWOOD, Thomas, cm, Norwich [see P refs.] (1830-1839).

ANNISON, Richard, up, Corner of White Lion Lane, Norwich (1730-1738).

ANNISS, Luke, cm, North Walsham (1774).
Took app Henry Gaze, 17/11/1774, £16 (6 yrs).

ANSELL, William, cm chm up auc apsr undertaker, Market Place, Fakenham (1794-1849d).

ARBUTHNOT, Thomas, up, King's Lynn (1724).

ARGER, Matthew, cm, King's Lynn (1797).

ARMES, John, cm up, Wroxham, then Aylsham (1786-1823d).

ARNOLD, George, up, Norwich [see P refs.] (1817-1832).