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Abbott, Nehemiah

1 Spring Pl., Brownlow Lane, Chapel Hill, Liverpool, upholsterer (1834–37)

Source: DEFM

Abbott, William

London?; upholsterer? (fl.1801)

ABEL, Daniel, up, Pottergate Street; then Bedford Street, Norwich (1838-1868).

ABERNETHY, CHARLES, upholsterer, 27 Canal Street, 1825–27. i(1)

Adams, David, Liverpool, upholsterer's joiner (1724). In 1724 took app. named Wilcocks. [S of G, app. index]

AIRD, THOMAS, upholsterer, son to John Aird, fermourer in Charilow; p to John Yeats, upholsterer, B, 2 February 1687; B as p to John Yeats 18 July 16

AITCHISON, JOHN AND co, cabinet-makers and upholsterers, 12 Elm Row1825–27. i(6)

AITKEN, ALEXANDER, cabinet-maker and upholsterer; B in right of w, Isobel, daughter of Richard Nimmo, stationer, B, 11 October 1792; cabinet-maker, F

AITKEN, ARCHIBALD, upholsterer and undertaker, Tolbooth Wynd, Canongate1773–90.

ALLAN, FRANCIS, senior, cabinet-maker, upholsterer and undertaker, 35 South Bridge, east side, shop in Crosscauseway1795–

Allan, Jas & Co.

Aberdeen, Scotland; cabinet makers and upholsterers (fl.1848)

Recorded in the Lord Chamberlain’s accounts in 1848.

ALLARDICE AND SCLANDERS, upholsterers, successors to Lamb and Son, 2 South Bridge1825–27; upholsterers and cabinet

ALLARDICE, JAMES, upholsterer, partner in Allardice and Sclanders; B and GB 12 December 1820; house 4 Salisbury Square 1825–27.

ALLURED, John, up, Market Place, Yarmouth (1783-1797).

Alsop, Uriah

Bristol; cabinet maker and upholsterer (fl. 1890)

Anderson & Forrest

Blackfriars Wynd, Edinburgh, Scotland; upholsterers (fl. 1766)

ANDERSON, ALEXANDER, upholsterer, Brown’s Close, 125 Canongate1825–27. i(1)

ANDERSON, ALEXANDER AND WILLIAM, upholsterer and cabinet-makers, 46 Princes Streeti(1)

ANDERSON, DAVID, upholsterer, s of William Anderson; p to Andrew Gillespie, upholsterer, B and GB, for 7 years, 18 February 1778; B as p to Andrew Gi

ANDERSON, JAMES, cabinet-maker and upholsterer, 174 Rose Street1814–40.

ANDERSON, ROBERT, upholsterer, s of Robert Anderson, farmer in Reidgenhead; p to Colin Alison, wright, B and GB, 17 October 1733; upholsterer, Cowgat

ANDERSON, WILLIAM, upholsterer, Bristo Street1795–96. i(1)

ANNISON, Richard, up, Corner of White Lion Lane, Norwich (1730-1738).

ANSELL, William, cm chm up auc apsr undertaker, Market Place, Fakenham (1794-1849d).

ARBUTHNOT, Thomas, up, King's Lynn (1724).