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Abbot, Mathew & Richard, Uppingham, Leics., chair turners (1790–98). [D]

Abbott, William, Stamford, Lincs., chairmaker, cm and turner (1819–26). Trading at St Peter's Hill, 1819–22, and Beastmarket in 1826. [D]

Adams, Daniel, Bury St, Stowmarket, Suffolk, cm, turner and chairmaker (1824–30). [D]

Adamson, Robert, Fenchurch St, London, cm, joiner and mahogany turner (1751–66). His trade card [Heal; MMA; NY] states that he ‘Makes all sorts of Cabinet Looking Glasses and Mahogany Goods at the lowest Prices. NB.

Addison, John, Clayton St, Colne, Lancs., chairmaker and turner (1816). [D]

Akrill, George, Commercial Rd, Grantham, Lincs., turner and chairmaker (1835–40). [D]

Al(l)kins, John, Church St, Uttoxeter, Staffs., chairmaker and turner (1818–34). [D]

Allam, Thomas, Market Deeping, Lincs., chairmaker and wood turner (1826–40). [D]

Allam, William, Market Deeping, Lincs., chair turner (1797). [D]

ALLAN, JAMES, turner, 166 Pleasance1814–15. i(1)

ALLAN, JOHN, turner, 6 Potter Row1804–15; 161 Pleasance 1826–27. i(1)

ALLAN, WILLIAM, turner, opposite the well, Pleasance1780–81; Potter row 1784–85; ivory turner, Potter row 1788–90.

Allatt, Christopher, 29 Silver St, Golden Sq., London, cm, upholder, turner, appraiser and sworn broker (1775–83). In 1775 insured his utensils, stock and goods with the Sun Fire Office for £200. Trade card in Banks Coll., BM. [GL, Sun MS vol. 243, p.

ALLEN, Edward, tur, Norwich, then London (1819-1830).
Apprenticed to John Crotch. Free 31/12/1819.

Allen, Joseph, Cheapside, Boston, Lincs., chairmaker and turner (1835). [D]

Allen, Samuel, High Wycombe, Bucks., chair turner (b.c. 1796–1841). Aged 45 at the time of the 1841 Census.

ALLEN, William, tur, Barford (1806). P(Nfk) 1806.

ALLOYCE, Abraham jun., tur, St Lawrence, Norwich (1695-1735).
Free 4/3/1695 as s.o. Abraham Alloyce.

ALLOYCE, Abraham sen., tur, St. Lawrence, Norwich (1664-1734).
Free [?by purchase] 21/9/1664.

Amos, John, Little Gonerby, Grantham, Lincs., Windsor chairmaker and turner (1814–d. 1842). Chairs known impressed on the seat edge or bottom near splat ‘AMOS GRANTHAM’. There is an example at Temple Newsam House, Leeds. [D; Furn. Hist., 1978]

Appleby, John, High St, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs., turner and chairmaker (1818–35). Trading in partnership with Joseph Appleby in 1834. [D]

Appleby, Joseph James, High St, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs., turner and chairmaker (1818–34). [D]

Appleby, Joseph jnr, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs., turner and chairmaker (1828–35). Trading at Cat St in 1828 and High St in 1835. [D]

Appleton, Thomas, 173 Drury Lane, London, turner and bedstead maker (1811–19). [D]

Arnold, John, Cosford (or Gosford) St, Coventry, Warks., chairmaker and turner (1822–28). [D]