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Abbey, Harry C., North St, York, joiner and cm (1787–1810). Died September 1810 aged 38; stock sold March 1811. [D; York Courant, 17 September 1810 and 18 March 1811] 

Abbey, Thomas, 11 Orange St and 15 Crooks Row, St Pancras, London, carver, gilder and joiner (1808–10). [GL, Sun MS vol. 443, ref. 825053]

Abbott, John, Cathedral Precincts, Canterbury, Kent, joiner and u (1782–86). Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1782 for £300 on his utensils and stock. [GL, Sun MS vol. 299, p.2; vol. 304, p.585; Canterbury freemen rolls]

Abbott, William, High St, Wem, Salop, joiner and cm (1840). [D]

Abel, John

Sarnesfield, Herefordshire; carpenter and joiner (fl. 1620-40).

Abel, John

Abbey Dore, Herefs.; joiner (b.1577 – d.1674)

Abel, Samuel, Church Gate, Loughborough, Leics., cm, joiner, appraiser and auctioneer (1775–95). Took up auctioneering in 1786. Advertised for journeymen cm and chairmakers in 1775, 1789, 1791.

Abell, Lawrence

Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks.; joiner (fl. 1594)

Adams, David, Liverpool, upholsterer's joiner (1724). In 1724 took app. named Wilcocks. [S of G, app. index]

Adamson, Robert, Fenchurch St, London, cm, joiner and mahogany turner (1751–66). His trade card [Heal; MMA; NY] states that he ‘Makes all sorts of Cabinet Looking Glasses and Mahogany Goods at the lowest Prices. NB.

ADCOCK, John, joiner, St. Andrew, Norwich (1715-1735).

Addicot, John, Nottingham, cm and joiner (1823–30). App. in 1823 and admitted freeman in 1830. [Notts. RO, indices of apps and burgesses]

Adlington, Thomas, Lancaster, joiner, house carpenter and cm (1787–94). Between 11 July 1787 and 26 March 1794 took six apps of whom two, Frederick Byam (18 November 1791) and Jonathan Hall (2 July 1792) were app. cm. [Lancaster app. reg.]

Ainsley, John, Charlotte St, North Shields, Northumb., cm and joiner (1827). [D]

Ainsley, William, Northgate, Darlington, Co. Durham, joiner and cm (1827). [D]

Ainsworth, John, Cricket Lane, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancs., joiner and cm (1828). [D]

Akers, Edward, Burford, Oxon., carpenter, joiner and cm (1793). [D]

Akitt, John, Gt Dockray, near Penrith, Cumb., cm, joiner and u (1834). [D]

Al(l)sop, Peter & Co., Mansfield, Notts., joiner, cm and u (1828–40). Trading at Nag's Head Yd in 1828; Westgate from 1832–40; and as Peter & Sons at Westgate and Cockpit in 1835. [D]

Alcock, William, Chichester, Sussex, joiner and cm (1757). Took app. named Gray in 1757. [S of G, app. index]

Alderson, Joseph, Durham, joiner and cm (1793). [D]

Alderson, Robert, Blackburn, Lancs., cm and joiner (1818–24). Addresses at Millgate in 1818 and Mill Lane in 1824. Continued to be listed in directories until 1834 but only as a joiner. [D]

Alexander, John, Lancaster, joiner (1785–88). Named in the Gillow records. [Westminster Ref. Lib., Gillow vol. 344/94, p. 351]

Alexander, John, Camden St, North Shields, Northumb., cm and joiner (1827). [D]

Alinson, Thomas, Briggate, Knaresborough, Yorks., joiner and builder (1828–37). [D]