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Aldersey, Thomas, London, glass grinder, cm and u (1754–81). In 1754 established at Addle St where he was employing one freeman as a chairmaker and one non-freeman as a glass seller.

Bensley, Thomas, Montague Close, Southwark, London, glass grinder (1770). Took out a Hand in Hand Insurance policy in 1770 for £400 on warehouses. [GL, Hand in Hand MS vol. 110, p. 23]

Brodie, Francis

Lawnmarket and Cowgate, Edinburgh, Scotland; cabinet maker, wright, and glass grinder (b.1708-d.1782)

Brum(m)ell, George, Newcastle, cm, glass grinder and carpenter (1754–1801). Trading at ‘The Foot of the Side’, 1763; and Pilgrim St, 1778–1801. [D] Subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1754, and James Paine's Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Seats, 1767.

Button, John, London, glass grinder and cm (1761–1802). Addresses given at 33 Crooked Lane, 1769–81; and Riverhead, Kent, 1786–1802. Son of John Button, grazier, of Peasmarsh, Sussex; admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co.

Chubbard, Samuel, Liverpool, carver, gilder and glass grinder (b. 1741–d. 1807). From the 1780s also referred to as a cm on a number of occasions. Initially at Williamson St but in 1774 at 16 Liver St where he remained until 1781.

Collins & Clearson, 125 Strand, London, frame makers and glass grinders (1789–94). Also listed in some directories from 1790 as carvers and gilders. [D]

Cooper, George, London, carver and gilder, glass grinder and looking-glass manufacturer (1784–1839). At 8 Lombard St in 1784 but by 1785 the number had changed to 82.

Davis & Sargent, 104, Bishopsgate Within, London, glass grinders and cm (1767–79). [D]

Dodds, William, London, carver, gilder and glass grinder (1790–1808). Trading at 51 St Martin's Lane, 1790–93, and 72 Oxford St, 1799–1808.

Durling, George, Salisbury Ct, Fleet St, London, looking-glass grinder and frame maker (1729). Insured his house, goods, utensils and stock for £500 on 11 August 1729. [GL, Sun MS vol. 28]

Faucon, James, London, cm and glass-grinder (1731–32). An advertisement appeared 119 times in the Daily Post, between 16 February 1731 and 26 September 1732, announcing the sale of ‘goods of the noted Mr.

Fawcett (Faussett), John

Dublin, Ireland; optician, looking glass manufacturer and glass grinder (fl.1737-d.1761)

Recorded at Essex Bridge, 1737-47; at the sign of the Pair of Spectacles in Anglesea

Fentham, Thomas

London; carver, gilder, glass grinder and picture frame maker (fl.1774–1825)

Gould, William, 78 Gracechurch St, London, upholder, cm, glass grinder and looking-glass manufacturer (1758–1812). Son of John Gould of the parish of St Botolph, Aldgate, lighterman. App. to George Kemp on 24 June 1758 and free of the Upholders’ Co.

Gwinnell, William, ‘The Looking-Glass’, south side of St Paul's Churchyard, London, cm and glass grinder (1729–41). In 1729 insured his household goods and stock in trade for £1,000.

Hancox & Co., Belton St, Long Acre, London, glass-grinders and carvers (1783–87). [D] See Nicholas Hancox.

Hancox, Nicholas, Belton St, opposite Brownlow St, Long Acre, London, glass grinder (1783–90).

Hatt, John, Aldersgate St, London, cm, chairmaker and glass grinder (1759–79). Trading at no. 23, 1767–73; and no. 142, 1774–79.

Holmes, Richard, Barbican, London, freeman carpenter, cm, looking-glass manufacturer and glass grinder (1755–86). Recorded at no. 55, 1777–78; no. 22, 1778–86; and as Richard Holmes & Son, 1781–86.

Holmes, Thomas, address unrecorded, cm and glass grinder (1786). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 10 July 1786 for £1,500, £100 on utensils and stock; £500 on those in silvering rooms and workshop; and £100 on glass in trust therein. [GL, Sun MS vol.

Horne, Abial(l) & Son, Wellclose Sq., London, cm and glass grinders (1765–83). Recorded at no. 19, 1768–83. Rococo trade card states that he ‘Sells all Sorts of Looking Glasses, Cabinet & Upholstery Goods at the Lowest Prices. NB.

Hudgebout, James, at ‘The Looking Glass’, Cornhill, London, glass grinder and cabinet seller (1704). Advertised in the press in 1704 that he was ‘selling off stock as he is leaving off trade’.