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ALDRED, William Fair, chm, North Quay, Yarmouth (1835-1838).
D 1836 — North Quay: h. 37 Row.

Andrews, Henry, Gt Castle St, Oxford Mkt, London, chair, sofa and invalid chair maker (1827–29). [D]

ANSELL, William, cm chm up auc apsr undertaker, Market Place, Fakenham (1794-1849d).

ARTERTON, William, chm, Norwich (1840).
Free 1/7/1840 — son of William Arterton, pipemaker.

BAGG, Charles Johannes, chm, Norwich (1806).
Free 22/11/1806, son of Charles Bagg, worsted weaver.

BANTON, Thomas, chm, Norwich, then Marylebone (1818-1830).

Barber, John, Red Bank, Manchester, Windsor and Upton chair maker (1781–88). [D]

BARRETT, James, chm, St. John Timberhill, Norwich (1729-1783d?).

BARRETT, Mrs., chm, 29 Timberhill St. (1783).

BARRETT, William, cm chm, Norwich (1791).
Took app James Barrett 1/3/1791 (6 yrs).

BATLEY, William, chm, Norwich [See D refs] (1836-1852).

BECKETT, William Bury, cm chm, Yarmouth; then Tombland, Norwich (1820-1830).

BELL, Benjamin, cm chm, Yarmouth; then St George Colgate, Norwich (1754-1772d).

BELL, John, cm chm, Lower Goat Lane ,then Middleton's Ct., then Gregory St., Norwich (1799-1845).

BELSON, William, cm chm or up, George Street, Yarmouth (1830).
D 1830 — cm chm or up.

BEST, Elizabeth, up cm chm, St Stephen Street, Norwich (1819).

BEST, Samuel, up cm chm ph, Market Place, St Stephen, Norwich (1815-1819d).

BETTS, Edward, cm chm, Buttlands, Wells (1839-1845). D 1839 Robson, 1845.

BLAZEBY, John, chm, Globe Lane, St Michael at Thorn, then Norgate Ct., Norwich (1818-1840d).

BOWLES, John Sharp, cm chm stationer, Middle Street, St George Colgate, Norwich (1830). D 1830.

BOYCE, Thomas, chm, Pulham (1769).
Took app Robert Thirkettle, 24/1/1769, £3 (5 yrs).

BRAY, Charles, tur chm, Norfolk Street East, Wisbech (1831-1834).
D 1831 — tur & chm

BREAM, Samuel sen., cm chm apsr auc, Market Place, then Wrestlers Plain, Yarmouth, then Corner of Pudding Lane, Market Place, Norwich, then The Sign of the