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Abbey, Harry C.,

North St, York, joiner and cabinetmaker (1787–1810) 

Died September 1810 aged 38; stock sold March 1811.

Source: DEFM; York Courant, 17 September 1810 and 18 March 1811. 

Abbey, Jonathan

Queen St, Seven Dials, London; cabinetmaker (1775)

Source: DEFM; GL, Sun MS vol. 242, p. 551

Abbot, Elizabeth

Park St, Leamington, Warks.; cabinetmaker (1830)

Source: DEFM

Abbot, John 

4 Wilmot St, Russell Sq., London; cabinetmaker and upholsterer (1829)

Source: DEFM

Abbot, Joseph 

Debenham, Suffolk, carpenter and cabinetmaker (1824)

Source: DEFM

Abbot(t), David 

Conduit St, Bedford, cabinetmaker and upholder (1839)

Source: DEFM

Abbot(t), James, Newgate St, Chester, cm (1778–97). Admitted freeman in 1778. Took apps named Edward Turner in 1778 and Thomas Walker in 1782. A cm of the same name is recorded at Watergate St, Chester in 1826. [D; Chester freemen rolls and app.

Abbott, Andrin, Off Alley, Westminster, London, cm (1774). [Poll bk]

Abbott, Henry

205 High St, Shoreditch, London, cabinetmaker and upholsterer (1839)

Source: DEFM

Abbott, John,

Market Pl., Wellingborough, Northants.; cabinetmaker (1823–30).

Source DEFM

Abbott, John

17 Judd St, Somerstown, London; cabinetmaker and upholsterer (1839)

Source: DEFM

Abbott, Stephen, Ramsgate, Kent, cm (1743). Took app. named Hooper in 1743. [S of G, app. index]

Abbott, Stephen, 3 King Ct, Lombard St, London, cm (1759–61). [D; GL, City Licence bks, vol. 2; Heal]

Abbott, Susanna, 61 Brill Row, Somerstown London, cm and u (1827–28). [D] See William Abbott.

Abbott, William, 60 and 61 Brill Row, Somerstown, London, cm and u (1832–37). [D] See Susanna Abbott.

Abbott, William, High St, Wem, Salop, joiner and cm (1840). [D]

Abbott, William, Stamford, Lincs., chairmaker, cm and turner (1819–26). Trading at St Peter's Hill, 1819–22, and Beastmarket in 1826. [D]

Abbott, William, High St, Royston, Herts., cm and u (1824–39).

Abel, Anthony, 5 Upper Westwick St, Norwich, cm (1801). [D]

ABEL, Anthony, cm, 5 Upper Westwick Street, Norwich (1778-1802).

Abel, Samuel, Church Gate, Loughborough, Leics., cm, joiner, appraiser and auctioneer (1775–95). Took up auctioneering in 1786. Advertised for journeymen cm and chairmakers in 1775, 1789, 1791.

ABEL, Thomas, cm, Pitt Street, Norwich (1839-1842). D 1839, 1842.

Abel, William, Bristol, cm (1818). [Evesham poll bk]

Abel, William, Pitt St, Norwich, cm (1839). [D]

Abercunning, John

London; cabinet maker (app.1681)