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Adams, Randall

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1672

Apprentice of John Higgenson (later turned over to Richhard Hunt), was admitted to the Freedom on 06/08/1672 by Servitude.

Per indenture 2 May 1664 for 7 years

Adams, Richard

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1699

Son of Richard Adams, Cit. & Girdler, of London. Apprenticed to Thomas Hood for 7 years, from 20 June 1699.

Adams, Richard

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1707

Apprentice of Thomas Hood, was admitted to the Freedom on 06/05/1707 by Servitude.

Per indenture 20 Jun 1699 for 7 years

Adams, Richard A., 126 Thomas St, Bristol, cm and furniture warehouse owner (1838–40). Late J. & E. Knight. [D]

Adams, Richard James, High St, Chelmsford, Essex, u (1838). [Essex RO, Q/RJ/2/1]

Adams, Robert, Foregate St, Chester, cm and broker (1773–89). App. to Philip Presbury, cm, 29 May 1773 by his widowed mother Martha Adams. Sworn freeman on 3 October 1782. Took apps named John Nailor in 1782, John Henshaw in 1789 and Thomas Davenport.

Adams, Robert

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1706

Apprentice of Edward Rolt, was admitted to the Freedom on 02/04/1706 by Servitude.

Per indenture 3 Nov 1685 for 8 years

Adams, Robert & Co., 403 Oxford St and 2 Dean St, Soho, London, chair and sofa manufacturers, japanners and gilders (1801–16). Also traded under the style of Adams & Gray from 1801–04, and Adams, Graves & Co. from 1807–08.

Adams, Samuel

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1653

Son of Thomas Adams, Minister, of Blurton, Staffordshire. Apprenticed to Randolph Marlyn for 7 years, from 16 Nov 1653.

Adams, Samuel

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1716

Son of Thomas Adams, Husbandman, of St. Giles Cripplegate without, London. Apprenticed to Joseph Ames for 7 years, from 1 May 1716.

In consideration of £12.00.00

Adams, Samuel

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1670

Son of Jeremiah Adams, Cit & Blacksmith, of London. Apprenticed to Henry Hill for 8 years, from 27 Sep 1670.

Adams, Samuel

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1662

Apprentice of Randolph Machin, was admitted to the Freedom on 03/03/1662 by Servitude.

Per indenture 16 Nov 1653 for 7 years

Adams, Thomas, 8 and 9 Gt Pulteney St, Golden Sq., London, cm and u (1829–39). [D]

Adams, Thomas

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1714

Son of Thomas Adams, Blacksmith, of Ware, Hertfordshire. Apprenticed to John Adams for 7 years, from 6 July 1714.

Apprenticed to a relative. Apprenticed a relative

Adams, Thomas

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1722

Made free by servitude on 9 Jan 1721.

Adams, Thomas Price, 122 Minories, London, upholder (1801–07). Son of George Adams. Admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by patrimony on 6 May 1801. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Adams, W., High St, Croydon, Surrey, carver and gilder (1822). [D]

Adams, W., 15 North Audley St, London u (1826). [D]

Adams, W., 11 Windmill St, Tottenham Ct Rd, London, u, cm and undertaker (1826–27). [D]

Adams, William, Prince's St, Westminster, London, upholder (1732). Declared bankrupt, Gents Mag., July 1732.

Adams, William, Bridgnorth, Salop, cm (1741). Took app. named Taylor in 1741. [S of G, app. index]

Adams, William, Hampstead, London, upholder (1755–66). Son of William Adams of Welton, Northants. App. to William Parsons, merchant tailor, on 2 March 1742. Admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. on 13 June 1755 by redemption.

Adams, William, St Paul's Churchyard, London, upholder (1764). [Essex RO, D/DQ 61/37]

Adams, William, 50 and 67 Fore St, Cripplegate, London, u (d. 1811). Death reported on 11 June 1811. [D; Gents Mag.]

Adams, William, 29 (from 1821, 17) New Surrey St, Blackfriars Rd, London, carver and gilder (1809–23). [D]