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Adair, John & William, Wardour St, Soho, London, carvers and gilders (1769–77). The use of the same address and a reference to Adair & Co. show an association between John and William Adair in this period.

Adair, William

Dublin, Ireland; cabinet maker and house joiner (fl.1759-76)

Adair, William Robert, London, carver and gilder (1777–85). Initially carried on his business from 26 Wardour St, Soho, which had been earlier used by John Adair.

ADAM, ALEXANDER, virginals maker. His w Elizabeth Guthrie buried 20 December 1673. i(8, 10)

Adam, Edward

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1701

Was admitted to the Freedom on 01/03/1701 by Servitude.

Per indenture 14 Jann 1686 for 7 years

Adam, James, 16 Brownlow St, Soho, London, cm and plate case maker (1835–39). [D]

Adam, James, 16 Brownlow St, Long Acre, London, cm (1837). [D]

Adam, Luke

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1676

Son of John Adam, Gentleman, of Wayre, Hertfordshire. Apprenticed to Joseph Burrough for 7 years, from 18 Apr 1676.

ADAM, QUENTIN, wright, B of Canongate as p to Dougall McFarlane, B, 9 April 1663.

Adams, Abraham

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1686

Son of Richard Adams, Yeoman, of Limehouse, Middlesex. Apprenticed to George Huxley for 7 years, from 9 Feb 1685.

ADAMS, ALEXANDER, cabinet-maker, 10 Horse Wynd, Canongate1839–40. i(1)

Adams, Anthony

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1698

Son of Thomas Adams, Malster, of Little Harwood, Buckinghamshire. Apprenticed to Thomas Roberts for 7 years, from 10 May 1698.

Adams, Benjamen

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1705

Apprentice of John Neale (later turned over to Thomas Ewin), was admitted to the Freedom on 06/11/1705 by Servitude.

Per indenture 17 Oct 1693 for 7 years

Adams, Benjamin, London, upholder (1710–18). App. to Thomas Rogers on 7 February 1710/11 and admitted freeman on 5 March 1717/18. [GL, MS 7142/1]

Adams, Benjamin

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1693

Son of Benjamin Adams, Cit. & Stocking Weaver, of London. Apprenticed to John Neate for 7 years, from 17 Oct 1693.

Adams, Charles, School Lane, Shrewsbury, Salop, cm (1825). Son of James Evan Adams and brother of Henry Adams. [Shrewsbury burgess roll]

Adams, Charles

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1702

Son of Rowland Adams, Farmer, of Sarnesfield, Herefordshire. Apprenticed to John Rogers for 7 years, from 1 Dec 1702.

Adams, Charles

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1712

Made free by servitude on 14 Oct 1712.

On the report of John Rogers and William Massey Cit & Upholsterer of London the said Valentine Fowle being dead.

Adams, Charles James, High St, Oxford, cm and u (1823–30). [D]

Adams, Daniel, Bury St, Stowmarket, Suffolk, cm, turner and chairmaker (1824–30). [D]

Adams, David, Liverpool, upholsterer's joiner (1724). In 1724 took app. named Wilcocks. [S of G, app. index]

Adams, Edward

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1691

Son of Edward Adams, Husbandman, of Queen Cammell, Somerset. Apprenticed to Thomas Hodges for 7 years, from 12 Jan 1691.

Adams, Francis, Low Park St, Sheffield, Yorks., chairmaker and beer house owner (1837). [D]

Adams, George, London, cm (1817–32). Trading at 37 Long Alley, Moorfields in 1817. By 1832 the address had changed to 101 Long Alley. [D]

Adams, George, London, u, cm, auctioneer and undertaker (1777–1828). Initially at 42 Haydon Sq., Minories, but from 1788 address changed to 122 Minories. Son of George Adams of Canterbury, innholder. App.