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Abee, Thomas

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1667

Son of Richard Abee, Yeoman, of North Tyne, Lincolnshire. Apprenticed to Edward Holland for 8 years, from 26 Jan 1666.

Abee, Thomas

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1694

Made free by servitude on 3 Apr 1694.

By consent of the said Edward here in Court

Abegg, John Henry, parish of St Ann, Westminster, London, upholder (1757). Declared bankrupt, Gents Mag., May 1757.

Abel, Anthony, 5 Upper Westwick St, Norwich, cm (1801). [D]

ABEL, Anthony, cm, 5 Upper Westwick Street, Norwich (1778-1802).

ABEL, Daniel, up, Pottergate Street; then Bedford Street, Norwich (1838-1868).

Abel, John, London, upholder (d. by 1748). Daughter Sarah admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by patrimony on 4 March 1748. [GL, Upholders’ Co. records]

Abel, John

Abbey Dore, Herefs.; joiner (b.1577 – d.1674)

Abel, John

Sarnesfield, Herefordshire; carpenter and joiner (fl. 1620-40).

Abel, Samuel, Church Gate, Loughborough, Leics., cm, joiner, appraiser and auctioneer (1775–95). Took up auctioneering in 1786. Advertised for journeymen cm and chairmakers in 1775, 1789, 1791.

ABEL, Thomas, cm, Pitt Street, Norwich (1839-1842). D 1839, 1842.

Abel, William, Bristol, cm (1818). [Evesham poll bk]

Abel, William, Pitt St, Norwich, cm (1839). [D]

Abell, Lawrence

Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks.; joiner (fl. 1594)

Abell, W. C., 25 Sidmouth St, Gray's Inn Rd, London, u (1835). [D]

Abell, William, London, u and bed and mattress maker (1826–39). Trading at 22 Gt Eastcheap, 1826–35, and at 43 Fish St Hill in 1839. [D]

Abercunning, John

London; cabinet maker (app.1681)

Abercunning, John

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1681

Son of Abercunning, Doctor of Physics, of London. Apprenticed to Gerrit Jensen for 8 years, from 12 Apr 1681.

Aberley, Joseph

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1663

Son of Abraham Aberley, Yeoman, of Horecrosse, Staffordshire. Apprenticed to Richard Sanderson for 7 years, from 3 Aug 1663.

Aberley, Thomas

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1709

Son of Richard Aberley, Clerk, of Charleton, Kent. Apprenticed to Robert Norris for 7 years, from 5 Apr 1709.

Aberley, Thomas

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1718

Made free by servitude on 6 May 1718.

ABERNETHY, CHARLES, upholsterer, 27 Canal Street, 1825–27. i(1)

ABERNETHY, JOHN, wright. His s Alexander p to John Howden, saddler, for 6 years, 5 August 1779. i(3)

Abery, Christopher, Reading, Berks., upholder (1768). [Poll bk]

Abgood, William & Stevens, Edward, Gt Portland St, London, carvers (1783). Declared bankrupt, Leicester Journal, January 1783.