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Smith, John, Humberstone Gate, Leicester, cm (1840). [D]

Smith, John, King's Lynn, Norfolk, u (1754). In 1754 took app. named Bedingham. [S of G, app. index]

Smith, John, Leeds, Yorks., journeyman cm (1791). Named in the Leeds Cabinet and Chair Makers’ Book of Prices, 1791 as a journeyman in basic sympathy with its contents.

Smith, John, High Wycombe, chairmaker (1798). [Militia Census]

Smith, John, London, chairmaker (1806–12). Freeman of Colchester, Essex but living in London. [Colchester poll bks]

Smith, John, High Wycombe, Bucks., chairmaker (1818–34). Three sons and two daughters bapt. between 1818–34. [PR (bapt.)]

Smith, John, Bridewell Lane, Bristol, chairmaker (1829–32). [D]

Smith, John, 32 Hunter St, Kent Rd, London, u, chair and sofa manufacturer (1829). [D]

Smith, John, Barrs St, Bristol, fancy chair and bedstead maker, undertaker (1830–40). At no. 8 in 1838 and no. 9, 1839–40. [D]

Smith, John, 3 Penn St, Bristol, chairmaker (1837–40). [D]

Smith, John, 145 Whitecross St, London, chair and sofa maker (1839). [D]

Smith, John, West St, Southampton, Hants., cm and chairmaker (1839). [D]

Smith, John

Little Missenden, Wendover, Bucks.; chairmaker (fl. 1851)

Smith, John

Manchester, Lancs.; chairmaker (fl. 1848)

Smith, John

Dublin, Ireland; cabinet maker (fl.1777-83)

Recorded at 167 Thomas Street, 1777-83.

Source: Glinn & Peill, Irish Furniture (2007), p. 289.

Smith, John

Dublin, Ireland; upholder and auctioneer (fl.1780-95)

Son of Roger Smith, made Freeman of the City of Dublin as an Upholder by Birth, Michaelmas 1780. Recorded 107 Coombe, 1793-5.

Smith, John

Lancaster, Lancs.; cabinet maker (fl.1768-75)

Smith, John

7 Belgrave Mews East, Belgrave Square, London; cabinet maker (fl.1871)

SMITH, JOHN, wright, B in right of grandfather, Robert Smith, by Act of Council of 15 January, dispensing with father’s omission to enter 20 January 1703

SMITH, JOHN, s of decd James Smith, writer; p to James Herriot, wright, B, 13 April 1743. i(3)

SMITH, JOHN, cabinet-maker, middle of Pleasaunce1795–96. i(1)

SMITH, JohnKing's Lynn; upholsterer (1755)

Took apprentice William Bedingham, 18/7/1755, £30.

SMITH, JohnSurrey Street, St Stephen, Norwich; upholsterer (fl.1805-1816)

SMITH, JohnBarn Road, Pump Yard, St Benedict, Norwich; turner (fl.1820-1835)

Norwich poll books: 1820-1835.

SMITH, JohnEast Dereham; cabinet maker, furniture broker (fl.1793-1822)