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Burrough(s) (or Borough(s)), John, at ‘Ye Looking Glass’, Cornhill, London, cm and looking-glass maker (1662–c. 1690). An account dated 17 June 1662 survives, totalling £60 11s, made out to ‘Mr. Clayton and Mr.

Derignee (Devignee or Derique(e)), Robert, carver and gilder (1691–1707). Supplied carved and gilt furniture for the Royal palaces in the reign of William and Mary.

Farmborough (Farnborough or Farnbrough), William, at ‘Ye Looking Glass’ on Cornhill, London, cm, glassman and inlayer (1672–1700).

Gardner, William, ‘The One Cane Chair’, south side of St Paul's Churchyard, London, cane chairmaker (1703–12). The date 1703 appears on his trade card and is probably the date of the establishment of the business.

Jensen, Gerrit, St Martin's Lane, London, cm (1680–d. 1715). Gerrit Jensen, whose name occurs in the Lord Chamberlain's accounts spelt in fourteen different ways (sometimes anglicized as plain Garrard Johnson), has been called ‘the English Boulle’.

Mitten, William, 34 High St, Brighton, Sussex, cm (1821–24). Mary Anne, daughter of William and Mary Anne Mitton, High St, bapt. on 12 August 1821. [D; PR (bapt.)]

Roberts, Thomas (1685–1714) and Richard (1714–1729), at ‘The Royal Chair’, Marylebone St, London, joiners, chairmakers and carvers.

Strawbridge, Thomas, London(?), u and chairmaker (1691). Two bills survive in the Stoneleigh Abbey archives, one dated 4 April 1691 and the other 30 August 1691. Both concern goods supplied to Theophilus Leigh by this maker.