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Best, John, St Columb Major, Cornwall, cm, u, general furnishing warehouse, auctioneer and agent to the Royal Exchange Fire Office (1798–1839).

Binns, Joseph, London, cabinet inlayer, shell and stringing maker, buhl manufacturer (1776–1829). Addresses given at 24 Duke St, 1792–1811; 6 Albion Buildings, Bartholemew Close in 1788; and 5 Goswell Rd, Frederick Pl., 1813–29.

Bradford, John, ‘Printing-House-Yard in Black-Friers’, London, cm (c. 1674–75). Walnut parquetry cabinet or chest of drawers with compass stringing recorded, one drawer of which is lined with cancelled MS accounts of 1674–75.

Brook, I, address unrecorded. Set of four undated mahogany chairs, yoke-back with brass strings stamped ‘I. BROOK’, recorded in Wakefield, Yorks.

Butler, G., 56 George St, Blackfriars Rd, London, cabinet stringing maker (1809). [D] See John Butler at this address.

Butler, John, George St, Blackfriars Rd, London, cabinet stringing maker, cabinet inlayer (1813–28). Recorded at no. 56, 1814–15, and no. 41, 1813–28. [D] See G. Butler.

Channon, John, 109 St Martin's Lane, London, cm (b. 1711–d. c. 1783). In the 18th century there were many Channons living in Exeter and Tiverton, and it is not always possible to establish their precise relationship to each other.

Cooper, John, Boston, Lincs., cm and u (1786–87). In December 1786 he announced that he had just opened his business after a period in the trade in London.

Coxed, John and G., and Woster, Thomas, cm of ‘The White Swan’, St Paul's Churchyard, London, (1700–36).

Gillow, Lancaster and London cm (c. 1730–after 1840).

Gover, John, London, stringing maker (1793). Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793.

Hargreaves, Thomas, Burnley, Lancs., timber merchant and cm (1792–d. by 1819). Dead by 1819 when referred to concerning bankruptcy proceedings against him in Liverpool Mercury, 18 June.

Harley, John, 8 Robert St, Blackfriars Rd, London, cm, ornamental stringing inlayer and wood dyer (1808–39). [D]

Kettle, Henry, St Paul's Churchyard, London, cm, upholder and undertaker (c. 1773–97). A member of the Brewers’ Co. though there is no evidence that he practiced this trade. Partner with William Henshaw from c.

Lewis, Samuel George, 87 Drury Lane, London, cabinet inlayer (1808–39). In 1808 one directory described him as a manufacturer of ornamental stringing. [D]

Mash, Thomas, 102 Wardour St, Soho, London, u and furniture broker (1829–39).

Walker, Richard, Manchester, cm (1771–1805). Also listed as a looking-glass manufacturer in 1781 and as an appraiser and auctioneer in 1788–1802. At 122 Deangate, 1771–81, but from 1788–1808 at 16 St Mary's Gate.

Willson, Thomas, 68 Gt Queen St, London, furniture broker, etc. (1799–1854). The impressed mark ‘T. WILLSON 68 GREAT QUEEN STREET LONDON’ has been found stamped on some late 18th-/early-19th century furniture (Fig. 9).