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Alderman, J., 16 Soho Sq., London, inventor, patentee and manufacturer (c. 1830–40).

Aris, John, Balscot, Oxon., cane chairmaker (d. 1761). [Bodleian Lib., index of wills, 19 May 1761]

Atkins, Henry, ‘The Three Crowns’, St Paul's Churchyard, London, cane chairmaker (1723–24). Trade card in Banks Coll., BM.

Bartlett, Edward, Russell St, Drury Lane, London, cane chairmaker (1709). [Poll bk]

Bealing, Richard, London, u (1672–1711). Named frequently in the Royal Household accounts between 1688–1711, supplying bedding, cushions, upholstered furniture, curtains etc.

Bernard, John, London, u (1697–1701). In 1697 supplied to St Paul's, London, ‘12 high fine Russia Leather Chaires, 1 Great Chaire, 50 velvet cushions, 2 great Chaires, frames of walnut finely carved’, the bill totalling £129 12s 6d.

England, Thomas, James St, London, cane chairmaker (1709). [London rate bks] Possibly the Thomas England, chairmaker, who provided six chairs and four ‘banketts’ for the 2nd Duke of Bedford in 1710. [Bedford Office, London]

Farmborough, Thomas, London, cane chairmaker (1699). A collection of letters, dating from 1768–92 concerns land bought by Farmborough in Pennsylvania in 1699, and claimed by his descendants. Baptismal and Wedding certificates survive. [Beds.

Fuller, John, ‘Three Cane Chairs’, St Paul's Churchyard, London, cane chairmaker (1699). Married Jane Simms at Holy Trinity Church in 1699. [Westminster Ref. Lib., PR]

Gammage (or Gamidge), Robert, ‘The Crown’, two doors above the School, St Paul's Churchyard, London, chairmaker (1710–d. by 1725).

Gardner, William, ‘The One Cane Chair’, south side of St Paul's Churchyard, London, cane chairmaker (1703–12). The date 1703 appears on his trade card and is probably the date of the establishment of the business.

Gibson, Christopher, ‘The King's Arms’, St Paul's Churchyard, London, u (1730–45). In April 1730 he received payment of £4 15s for chairs supplied to the East India Co. for East India House in Leadenhall St. A further £4 was paid by the same Co.

Gillett, John jnr, Avon St, Great Gdns, Bristol, Windsor, fancy and cane chairmaker (1833). [D]

Grateford, —, the sign of ‘The Castle’, south side of St Paul's Churchyard, London, cane chairmaker (1714). [GL, Sun MS vol. 3, ref. 3905]

Hartland, Richard, at ‘The King's Head’, St Paul's Churchyard, London, cane chairmaker (1717). Insured ‘Warehouse only in Labour in rain yard on Lambeth Hill’ on 10 December 1717. [GL, Sun MS vol. 7]

Hewitt, (or Hewett), Nathaniel, at ‘The Crown & Cushion’, near St Thomas's Gate, Southwark (42 Borough), London, u, appraiser and undertaker (1768–77).

Hibbert, John, London, u (1668–d.1717). Trading in Bartholomew Close by 1717, when he died and was succeeded at this address by his partner, Philip Bodham.

Hudson, Ellin, address unrecorded, joiner and/or chairmaker (1691). Provided a chest of drawers, two armed cane chairs and twelve other chairs, costing a total of £8 2s 6d to Temple Newsam House, Leeds. [Furn. Hist., 1967]

Hudson, Francis, York, joiner (1709–33). Trading in Stonegate in 1729. Son of Francis Hudson, whitesmith; admitted freeman by patrimony in 1709.

Jackson, William, London(?), joiner and chairmaker (1677–85). On 26 February 1677 his app. Richard Blanchard was paid on his behalf £3 6s for seven cane chairs by William, 5th Earl of Bedford.

Lewis, Richard, London, cane chairmaker (1710). Born in Shropshire. App. to a maker at ‘The Crown’ in St Paul's Churchyard. May not have completed his apprenticeship before he joined the First Regiment of Foot-Guards.

Lomax, Francis, Mardol, Shrewsbury, Salop, cm and u (c. 1730–c. 1750). App. to Joseph Thomas of Shrewsbury, cm and joiner 1723. His son George, later to follow his father's trade, was born 10 July 1733.

Long, William, London, cm and carver (before 1785). From 1785 trading at an address in Union St, Philadelphia, USA. Claimed to be ‘Late of London’.

Lovell, Samuel, London, cane chairmaker (1718–20). In 1718 his address was given as Ditch Side, parish of St Bridget. But by 1 October 1720 had moved to ‘The Double Chair’, corner of Stone Cutters St, near the Ditch Side. [GL, Sun MS vol. 8, ref.

Markham, George, at ‘The Windmill’, Houndsditch, Aldgate, London, cane chairmaker (1720). Insured goods and merchandise in his house on 8 January 1720. [GL, Sun MS vol. 10, ref. 16199] See John le George Markham.