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Alderman, J., 16 Soho Sq., London, inventor, patentee and manufacturer (c. 1830–40).

Barton, J., address unrecorded. Inlaid rosewood sofa table recorded signed ‘J. Barton May 17 1822’. [C. Life, 12 June 1969, advert. of Meyrick Neilson, Tetbury]

Bell, Enniskillen & Cavan, address unrecorded, cm and u. Yew sofa table recorded bearing trade label showing Regency period furniture. [V & A archives]

Brown, W., 6 Gt George St, Liverpool, cm and u (1832–34). Advertised in Liverpool Mercury, 18 May 1832, that he ‘has removed from 41 St. James Street to No. 6 Great George Street’. Sale of stock announced, same paper, 2 May 1834, ‘of Mr. W.

Caldecott, William Edward, 53 Gt Russell St, Bloomsbury, London, u, cm and undertaker (1815–40). Successor to W. Burdock. By 1820 he had developed an extensive business and in December insured his dwelling house and the adjacent one, no.

Clarridge, —, address unknown, cm (1802). The Heathcote account book records the supply of a sofa table on 27 July at a cost of £12 12s. [Lincoln RO, 3 ANC 6/380]

Edwardes & Har(mibe), address unrecorded. Mahogany sofa table has this firm's name written in ink with the date 1826. [V & A archives]

Elliott, Charles, London, cm and u (1752–d. 1832) and successors. Charles Elliott was one of the chief London cm of the late 18th century. He held royal appointments from 1783–c.

Gillingtons, —, address unknown (c. 1815). Regency brass inlaid rosewood sofa table, rectangalar top, and two drawers in frieze on four turned supports and sabre legs, sold at Sotheby's, 12 January 1979, lot 218, bears the stamp ‘GILLINGTONS 3009’.

Gouch, Henzell. Signed the top of a Regency peunwork sofa table in the V & A. [W31–1937]

Harris, John, 40 Crawford St, London, upholder and undertaker (1817–21). Presumably the u of 40 Crawford St whose lease and stock were sold on 17 July 1821 by Edward Foster of 14 Greek St.

Heyes, J., Liverpool, cm (1824). Sale of stock by Stewart & Benton advertised in Liverpool Mercury, 12 November 1824. Notice read: ‘HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of a very superior description, the property of Mr. J.

Keene, Samuel, 356 Oxford St, London, cm, u and appraiser (1819–29). His premises were near the Pantheon.

Long, William, London, cm and carver (before 1785). From 1785 trading at an address in Union St, Philadelphia, USA. Claimed to be ‘Late of London’.

Michell, J. S. (?), address unrecorded. On 24 March 1823 he received £2 10s for a sofa table supplied to Nicholas Pearse of Loughton, Essex, and London. [Essex RO, D/DHt A1/4]

Morel, Nicholas and Morel & Hughes, Robert, London, cm and u (1790–1830).

Mudge, W., 32 Boscawen St, Truro, Cornwall, cm (1811–13).

Owen, John, Liverpool, u (1790–d. 1830). At 12 St Peter St, 1790–96 and 1813–14; but from 1804–11 the number was 41. In 1813–14 at 32 Standish St, and from 1816–21 at Gloucester St.

Oxenham, Thomas, London, patent mangle and napkin-press maker, cm and u (1795–1832). At 354 Oxford St in 1795 as a mangle and napkin-press maker, and claimed to be maker to ‘their Majesties, Prince of Wales and Royal Family’.

Porter, John, London, cm and u (1827–39). At 25 Welbeck St, Cavendish Sq., 1827–29 and 5 Bartholomew Pl., Hertford Rd in 1839. In 1829 the business was described as Porter & Co. invalid chair etc., maker. [D]

Powell, Edward & Thomas, Bridge St Row, Chester, u and cm (1829).

Reed (or Read), Thomas, Sidbury, Worcester, cm, u and undertaker (1820–30). Listed at ‘28 Sidbury’ in 1822. Submitted bill dated 14 September 1821 to J. S.

Rosson, Richard, Liverpool, upholder (1799–1814). Trading at 8 Earle St, St Paul's in 1800; no. 16, 1803–04; as R.

Seddon, George, Aldersgate St, London, cm (1753–1868).

Semple, John & Alexander, London, cm and upholders (1803–16). At 78 Margaret St, Cavendish Sq. in 1803, in which year Semple was included in the list of master cabinet makers in Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary.