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Alderman, J., 16 Soho Sq., London, inventor, patentee and manufacturer (c. 1830–40).

Gillow, Lancaster and London cm (c. 1730–after 1840).

Keninmore, John, 22 Featherstone St, near City Rd, London, cm (1820–29). His trade card [archives dept, Hackney Libraries] describes him as a ‘Fire Screen and Cabinet Maker’.

Long, William, London, cm and carver (before 1785). From 1785 trading at an address in Union St, Philadelphia, USA. Claimed to be ‘Late of London’.

McLean, John & Son, London, cm, upholders (1770–1825).

Parker, William, London, backgammon and billiard table maker (1825–39). In 1825 at 14 Hooper St, Goswell St but by 1826 had moved to 3 Marlins Pl., Spa Fields, Islington.

Porter, John, London, cm and u (1827–39). At 25 Welbeck St, Cavendish Sq., 1827–29 and 5 Bartholomew Pl., Hertford Rd in 1839. In 1829 the business was described as Porter & Co. invalid chair etc., maker. [D]

Powers, Edmund, High St, Leicester, cm, chairmaker, joiner and turner (1746–52). Free 1746 on servitude to John Elliott. In 1752 took app. named Thickpenny.

Sanderson, William, High-bridge, Newcastle, cm and joiner (1794–1804). On 14 June 1794 he announced the opening of his shop on High-bridge for the sale of cabinet goods. Items stocked included ‘Portobello Games Tables, Triamedam ditto.

Swan, John, Cambridge, cm, u, auctioneer, appraiser and estate agent (1824–45). Living in Jesus Lane, parish of All Saints, 1824–26 when two of his children were bapt.

Town & Emanuel, 103 New Bond St, London, ‘Manufacturers of Buhl Marquetrie, Resner & Carved Furniture’ (1830–40).

Wilson, James, 18a (or 19), Wigmore St, Cavendish Sq., London, cm (1817–39). A combined writing and games table of c. 1830 exists with a brass plate indicating the name of this maker at 18a Wigmore St.