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Alderman, J., 16 Soho Sq., London, inventor, patentee and manufacturer (c. 1830–40).

Atkinson, William, Liverpool, cm (1796–1840). App. to Edward Lowe and admitted freeman on 25 May 1796. Trading at 1 Derby St in 1804 and 58 Preston St, 1813–14. By 1818 he had obtained premises in Leigh St.

Burroughs & Watts, 19 Soho Sq., London, billiard table maker (1839). Billiard table at Mersham-le-Hatch, Kent, recorded in the inventory of 1926. [D]

Chipchase, Robert & Lambert, Robert, London, cm and u (1767–88). At 2 Beak St, Golden Sq., 1767–75 when the address became 28 Warwick St, Golden Sq. The Beak St address was still being used by Robert Chipchase as late as 1787.

Edmundson, Richard, Liverpool, cm and u (1779–1839). Admitted freeman of Lancaster, 1779–80, when stated ‘of Liverpool’, and polled at Lancaster in 1784.

Elston, —, Petergate, York, joiner and billiard table maker (1775).

Erwood, Solomon, 3 Brownlow St, Holborn, London, billiard table maker (b. 1741–d. 1813). Trade card [Landauer Coll., MMA, NY] reads ‘Maces, Cues &c.

Gillow, Lancaster and London cm (c. 1730–after 1840).

Head, Jonathon, Gt George St, Liverpool, cm (1813). Sale of his stock in trade ‘by order of the assignees’, by Trother & Magill, cm and auctioneers, advertised in Liverpool Mercury, 9 April 1813.

Hopkins, William, London (?), cm (1751). A magnificent fullsize billiard table on carved lion-paw cabriole legs from Parham Park, Sussex, is signed on part of the original bed ‘William Hopkins maker 1751’. [Conn., vol. 143, 1959, pp. 26–28, fig. 2]

Long, William, London, cm and carver (before 1785). From 1785 trading at an address in Union St, Philadelphia, USA. Claimed to be ‘Late of London’.

Magnus, —, London. Billiard table with trade label at Hopetoun House, West Lothian, mentioned in the 1800 inventory.

Meyers, —, address unrecorded. In May 1823 he was paid £50 for a billiard table supplied to Nicholas Pearse of Loughton, Essex, and Marylebone, London. [Essex RO, D/DHt A1/3]

Nix, George, London, cm (1744–51). Information about George Nix is somewhat sparse. In 1716 he is described as ‘citizen and joiner’ and recorded taking app. named Edward, son of Edward Halfhide, citizen and joiner, on 15 August for a payment of £15.

Parker, William, London, backgammon and billiard table maker (1825–39). In 1825 at 14 Hooper St, Goswell St but by 1826 had moved to 3 Marlins Pl., Spa Fields, Islington.

Porter, John, London, cm and u (1827–39). At 25 Welbeck St, Cavendish Sq., 1827–29 and 5 Bartholomew Pl., Hertford Rd in 1839. In 1829 the business was described as Porter & Co. invalid chair etc., maker. [D]

Roberts, James, Lancaster, u and cm (1759–d. by 1805). Warerooms recorded ‘under the Assembly Room’ in 1804; and trading at Market St at his death in 1805. Admitted freeman, 1759–60. The Gillows Ledger, 1763–68, shows a large account with Roberts.

Saxon, Samuel, Fore St, Exeter, Devon, u, cm and chairmaker (1764). Stated that he had moved from London and was in occupation of the house where John Stone formerly lived which was the back part of Spencer's printing office, opposite St Martin's Lane.

Seddon, George, Aldersgate St, London, cm (1753–1868).

Soper, Samuel jnr, Exeter, Devon, cm, u and billiard table manufacturer (1819–40). Did not follow his father in the business at Bedford Pl. but set up on his own at 259 High St.

Soper, Samuel snr, Bedford Pl., Bedford Circus, Exeter, Devon, cm and u (1791–d.1821). From 1791–1816 the address is given as Bedford St. His name was included in a Militia Census of 1803 and he was then living in the parish of St Stephen.

Swan, John, Cambridge, cm, u, auctioneer, appraiser and estate agent (1824–45). Living in Jesus Lane, parish of All Saints, 1824–26 when two of his children were bapt.

Thurston, John, 14 Catherine St, Strand, London, billiard table and backgammon board maker (1822–40). [D] Recorded as ‘Superior billiard tables, Cue and Mace Manufacturer by appointment to his Majesty’ in 1835.