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Aldis, J., Pimlico, London. Name stamped on late Regency writing desk.

Anderson, William, 24 Fleet St, London, writing desk and dressing case maker (1829). [D]

Ayres, Philip, 18 Sise Lane, Cannon St, London, writing desk and dressing case maker (1829). [D]

Banting, France & Co., 27 St James's St, London, cm and u (1813–40).

Barber, J., 16 Cateaton St, London, desk and dressing case maker (1835). The firm of Barber, Son & Davey, writing desk and dressing case makers, are recorded at this address in 1829. [D]

Barlow, J., 107 Rea St, Birmingham, writing desk maker (1823). [D]

Bayley, Blew & Chapman, 17 Cockspur St, London, dressing case makers and Perfumers to His Majesty and H R H Duke of York, (1829–35).

Bayley, Son & Blew, Cockspur St, London, cm (late 18th century). Satinwood writing or artist's cabinet recorded, bearing inside lid the label of ‘Bayley, Son & Blew, Cockspur Street, London’.

Beetles, C. C.

93 & 102 Herbert Street, New North Road & 45 Essex Road, London; bamboo furniture manufacturers (fl.1894-1900)

Betjemann, G. & Sons; George Betjemann Ltd.

London; dressing and writing furniture makers (fl.1810-c.1910)

Blugrove, Ann, ‘Nonburry’ (Newbury, Berks.?), cm (1730). Named in the Stowe MS being paid £3 10s for a writing desk in 1730. [Huntington Lib., California, MS ST 82, p. 261]

Briggs, Thomas, London, cm, writing desk and dressing case maker (1819–35). Addresses given at 20 Newington Causeway, 1819–23, and 27 Piccadilly, 1829–35. [D]

Bullen, Henry

Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk; upholder, cabinet maker and mortgager (fl.1768–d. 1796)

Capstack (or Capstick), James, Market St, Lancaster, cm (1798–1812). A cm of this name is recorded in the Gillow records for the periods 1798–99, 1800 and 1812–14.

Cawston, James, 27 Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly, London, dressing case and writing desk maker (1829–35). Recorded on the 1830 voters list for Petersfield, Hants. although living and working in London at this period. [D]

Cleare, Thomas, ‘The Indian Chair’, south side of St Paul's Churchyard, London, cm (1724). His trade label has been recorded on a walnut kneehole writing desk sold at Sotheby's on 26 March 1976, lot 47.

Cobb, John

72 St Martin's Lane, London; upholder and cabinet maker (b.c. 1715– 78)

Cock, William, Bristol, cabinet and clockcase maker, camp writing desk inventor and manufacturer (1816–40). At Hillgrove St, 1816–17, when clockcase making was the main activity.

Coleman, William, 4 Haymarket, London, writing desk and dressing case maker (1829). [D]

Cording, J. & W., 231–32, Strand, London, writing desk makers and jewellers (1801–03). [D]

Corfield, John, 10 Mount St, Grosvenor Sq., London, writing desk and dressing case maker (1829–35).

Cross, Nicholas, 10 Pool Lane and 4 Thomas's St, Liverpool, cm (1754–d. 1780). In 1762 also referred to as a glass grinder.

Dalton, Thomas, London, writing desk and dressing case maker (1829–39). Trading at 31 Percival St, Clerkenwell in 1829 and 6 Gt Ormond St, 1839. [D]

Davis, Robert, 18 Southampton Row, Russell Sq., Bloomsbury, London, painter, glazier, dealer in writing desks, work boxes, cutlery and toys (1820–23). Trading as Davis & Horwood, ladies’ work box makers, in 1820.