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Adams, Robert, Foregate St, Chester, cm and broker (1773–89). App. to Philip Presbury, cm, 29 May 1773 by his widowed mother Martha Adams. Sworn freeman on 3 October 1782.

Bott, Thomas, London, cm and u (1816–39). Addresses given at 10–11 Gt Portland St, Oxford St 1816–31, and 28 Margaret St, 1832–39. [D] Supplied furniture to Streatlam Castle, Co. Durham, receipts for which are dated July 1829 and January 1830.

Cobb, John

72 St Martin's Lane, London; upholder and cabinet maker (b.c. 1715– 78)

Davies, John

53 King St. Carmarthen, Wales; cabinet maker and upholsterer (b.1813–fl.1874)

Dudley, Thomas, King St, Soho Sq., London, metal ornament and bell-hanging manufactory (1817–20). Trading at no. 34 in 1817 and no. 36 in 1820.

Egan, James

Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland; cabinet maker (fl.1844-1870)

Evans, G. & H., address unrecorded. Name stamped on William IV rosewood Davenport with sloping leather-lined slide each side, a pen drawer and four graduated long drawers on the right, on columnar supports and concave-fronted base with paw feet.

Feet(h)am, Thomas

Hull, Yorks.; cabinet maker, upholder and undertaker (fl.1810–40)

Goertz, H. L. & son

Windsor, Berks.; upholder and cabinet maker (fl.1814–85)

Goolding, Henry, Oxford, cm (1817). Married Frances Davenport at All Saints Church, 19 October 1817. [Bodleian index of Oxf. marriage bonds]

Lee, —, Sunderland, Co. Durham, u (1771). Mentioned in an advertisement for James Davenport's paper hanging manufactory. [Newcastle Courant, 18 May 1771]

Merlin, John Joseph, London (b. 1735–d.1803). A very versatile ‘ingenious mechanic’, born in Belgium, who came to England in 1760.

Minter, George, London, cm, u, bath and wheel chairmaker (1829–54). Addresses given at 26 Princes St, Haymarket, 1829–31; 33 Gerrard St, Soho, 1835–50; also 51 Frith St, Soho, 1850–54.

Moore, James jnr, London, cm and u (c. 1690–d. by 1734). We have no record of James Moore's birth, but as his father, James snr was born c. 1670 it might be assumed as c. 1690. He was presumably app. to his father, but again there is no confirmation.

Nicholson, Richard, Union Lane, Sunderland, Co. Durham, u (1776). In May 1776 Ann Davenport advertised that paper hangings produced in her manufactory might be inspected at Richard Nicholson's premises. [Newcastle Courant, 18 May 1776]

O’Connor, Jeremiah

Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland; cabinet maker (fl.c.1835-c.1880)

Pocock, William

London; cabinet maker and upholder (b. 1750–1825)

Seddon, George I

Aldersgate St, London; cabinet maker (fl. 1753–d.1801)

Seddon, T & G; Pritchard & Seddon; Seddon & Co.

Aldergate Street and Gray’s Inn Road, London; cabinet makers and upholsterers (fl. 1815-1870) 

Stringer, John, Chester, u (1749–97). At St Peter's Churchyard 1781–89 but in 1771–84 living at Watergate St. John Stringer was app. to Harwar Harvey, u on 24 August 1749 for eight years. He was free 1 April 1755.

Wilkinson, William (Wilkinson & Sons and later W & C Wilkinson)