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Alderman, J., 16 Soho Sq., London, inventor, patentee and manufacturer (c. 1830–40).

Belshaw, Edmund jnr, Liverpool, cm (1802–05). Admitted freeman on 8 July 1802. Took app. in 1802 named Samuel Sharrat, who petitioned freedom in 1818.

Haworth, Thomas, near ‘The Angel’, High St, Doncaster, Yorks., u and cm (1766). Advertised in Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 28 June 1766, as ‘Some years foreman to Mr.

Kent, Bartholomew, Side, Newcastle, u (b. 1727–d. 1803). App. to William Smith of Newcastle whose daughter he later married. After receiving his freedom traded in London and Bath, Som. for seven years.

Leadbetter, Thomas, Liverpool, u (1767–d. by 1772). Free 24 November 1767 but did not trade for long. In December 1772 an auction sale of the remaining stock of the late Thomas Leadbetter was announced.

Long, William, London, cm and carver (before 1785). From 1785 trading at an address in Union St, Philadelphia, USA. Claimed to be ‘Late of London’.

McDouall, James, at ‘The Royal-Bed’, Strand, near Durham Yd, London, cm, u and appraiser (1766–70).

Porter, John, London, cm and u (1827–39). At 25 Welbeck St, Cavendish Sq., 1827–29 and 5 Bartholomew Pl., Hertford Rd in 1839. In 1829 the business was described as Porter & Co. invalid chair etc., maker. [D]

Price, Richard, 43 Union St, City Rd, London, cm (1812). In November 1812 took out insurance cover of £300 but of this £270 was cover for his dwelling house and only £30 for a chest of tools kept at 9 George Yd, Lombard St. [GL, Sun MS vol. 455, ref.

Robertson, John, 11 Wells St, London, cm (1779). Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1779 for £100, including £20 on his chest of tools in a timber workshop behind the dwelling house of Messrs. Chipchase & Co., upholders in Beak St. [GL, Sun MS vol.

Rower, Thomas, 79 Edgware Rd, Paddington, London, cm (1820). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 2 August 1820 for £1,300 of which £50 accounted for a chest of tools in workshop of Ferguson & Co., Providence Ct, North Audley St. [GL, Sun MS vol.

Saul, Edward & Co., Liverpool, cm (1774–90). Traded at South Side, South Dock but this address is also rendered as 30 Cornhill.

Scott, Luke, London, cm (1807–09). In June 1807 at 2 Newman St where he took out insurance cover for £300 which included £30 for a chest of tools at Wright & Co., cm, 410 Oxford St.

Seddon, George, Aldersgate St, London, cm (1753–1868).

Shackles, Thomas, Hull, Yorks., cm and u (1796–1834). In 1802 had a residence at Hedon, near Hull, but by 1803 living at Lowgate, probably the house previously occupied by John Shackles.

Swan, John, Cambridge, cm, u, auctioneer, appraiser and estate agent (1824–45). Living in Jesus Lane, parish of All Saints, 1824–26 when two of his children were bapt.