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Banting, France & Co., 27 St James's St, London, cm and u (1813–40).

Elliott, Charles, London, cm and u (1752–d. 1832) and successors. Charles Elliott was one of the chief London cm of the late 18th century. He held royal appointments from 1783–c.

Farrington, Richard snr and jnr, Newcastle, carvers and gilders, cm and u (1778–1844). Recorded at Painter-heugh, 1778–87; Broad Chair, 1787–1806; Farrington's Ct, 8 Bigg Mkt, 1806–44; and also 10 Eldon Pl., 1833–44.

Force, Charles, 193 High St, Exeter, Devon, cm (1831). Announced in The Alfred, 7 June 1831, public auction of his stock of cabinet and upholstery furniture and premises to let with possession.

Gilney, Christopher, Castle Ditches, Norwich, cm (1793–1806). First recorded in 1793 as a subscriber to Sheraton's Drawing Book.

Humble, John, address unrecorded. In 1828 supplied a set of heavily carved elm dining room furniture, consisting of a table, ten chairs, two armchairs and a cellaret, to Nunnykirk House, Northumb.

Nickson, Samuel, Bridge St Row, Chester, cm and u (1802–27). Listed also at Commercial Buildings in 1816. Free 3 July 1802. Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

Snowdon (or Snowden), Robert, near the Church, Northallerton, Yorks., cm (1821–40).

Sudbury, James, Cockey Lane, Norwich, upholder and cm (1783–1812). The number in Cockey Lane was 5, 1784–1810, but one directory of 1801 indicates 4.

Thompson, John and successors, Durham, u, cm, auctioneer and appraiser (1793–1828). [D] John was recorded at Sadler St, 1802–19. Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793 and Cabinet Dictionary, 1803. The Ellison papers in Gateshead Ref. Lib.