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Atkinson, Thomas, 38 and 39 Ludgate Hill, London, cm, u and undertaker (1820–24). Initially trading as Loader & Atkinson. The premises were at the corner of the ‘Belle Sauvage’, an important London coaching inn.

Baines, Abraham & Son, Ludgate St, 1 St Paul's Churchyard, London, cabinet and upholstery warehousemen (1811–28). Named as Baines & Son in directories between 1822–28.

Belcher, Thomas, 25 Gt Portland St, London, upholder and undertaker (1783). Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1783 for £300 of which utensils and stock accounted for £213. [GL, Sun MS vol. 313, p.

Bell, Daniel, St Martin's Lane, London, cm (1724–34). Took out a Sun Insurance policy on 11 May 1728 for £1,800 on his dwellings, stock in trade and merchandise, fortunately, since on 13 October that year ‘a violent fire broke out at a Mr.

Binns, —, address and trade unrecorded (late 18th century). Set of 14 dining chairs stamped ‘BINNS’ under the seat rails sold Christie's, 29 November 1984, lot 35 (illus.).

Birtill, Joseph, Clare St, Bristol, carver and gilder (d. by 1785).

Bishop, —, Long Acre, London, ‘from Edinburgh’, gilder and carver (late 18th century). Hepplewhite-style oval mirror recorded bearing label which states that he ‘performs carving & gilding in all its branches, viz.

Bott, Thomas, London, cm and u (1816–39). Addresses given at 10–11 Gt Portland St, Oxford St 1816–31, and 28 Margaret St, 1832–39. [D] Supplied furniture to Streatlam Castle, Co. Durham, receipts for which are dated July 1829 and January 1830.

Boulnois, John, 44 South Moulton St, London, u (c. 1830–39).

Bran(d)t, Charles, London, carver and gilder (1814–31). Trading at 16 Bow St, Bloomsbury in 1814; Compton House, 53 Old Compton St, Soho, 1816; 33 Theobalds Rd, Bedford Row, 1818; no.

Bryson, G., address unrecorded. Set of mahogany Regency dining chairs recorded, with well-shaped sabre legs, reeded frame and concave top rail; stamped ‘G. BRYSON’ on the loose seat and inner frame; but one chair is stamped ‘W.B.’ Similar chairs illus.

Byer, —, address unrecorded (1801). Name and date inscribed in ink on set of ten Sheraton-style dining chairs. [V & A archives]

Casement, William, address unknown, cm and designer of furniture (1793). Contributed three plates to The Cabinet Makers’ London Book of Prices, 1793. Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793.

Chew, William, 12 Lord St, Liverpool, u and cm (b. 1784–d. 1824). Initially traded in partnership with his father John Chew under the style ‘Chew & Son’.

Chipchase, Robert & Lambert, Robert, London, cm and u (1767–88). At 2 Beak St, Golden Sq., 1767–75 when the address became 28 Warwick St, Golden Sq. The Beak St address was still being used by Robert Chipchase as late as 1787.

Collins, William, Tothill Fields, London, (1812–23).

Cray, T., address unknown, chairmaker (c. 1805). A pair of beechwood japanned chairs in the Indianapolis Museum of Art and a set of twelve mahogany dining chairs sold by Phillips on 29 March 1983, lot 64, were stamped ‘T CRAY’.

Dunn, Edward E., Market Sq., Bromley, Kent, cm and u (1818–61). Successor to Sarah Dunn, probably his elder sister. Dining chair with upholstered seat still in possession of the family is said to be an app. piece. [D; Bromley Local Hist.

Harmer, B., address unrecorded. Early 19th-century library reading chair recorded bearing the stamp of ‘B. HARMER’. [Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich, Ipswich Museums and Art Galleries, L.

Hoare, Thomas, London. Tradesman employed by Morel & Seddon who signed the frame of a dining chair supplied to Windsor Castle in 1828. [Gilbert, Leeds Furn. Cat., vol. 1, pp. 101–02]

Hunt, —, Castle St, near Cross Lane, Long Acre, London, u, broker, auctioneer and sworn appraiser (c.1780–84). Trade card shows two mirrors, two dining chairs, a tallboy, chest, Pembroke table, stand-up desk and grate, none distinguished.

Huntsman, W., address unrecorded. Mahogany chair, c. 1760–70, recorded bearing stamp with name in rectangle below a crown.

Kerr, John, 31 Pall Mall, London, cm and u (1790–1808). A subscriber to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793 and Cabinet Dictionary, 1803. A number of substantial commissions undertaken by this maker are known.

Loader & Atkinson, 39 Ludgate Hill, London, cm, u, appraisers and auctioneers (1816–20).