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Allin, William, Newark, Notts., cm (1770–88). Insured with the Sun Fire Office in 1776 for a total of £1,000 of which £400 was for utensils and stock.

Belcher, Thomas, 25 Gt Portland St, London, upholder and undertaker (1783). Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1783 for £300 of which utensils and stock accounted for £213. [GL, Sun MS vol. 313, p.

Birtill, Joseph, Clare St, Bristol, carver and gilder (d. by 1785).

Bishop, —, Long Acre, London, ‘from Edinburgh’, gilder and carver (late 18th century). Hepplewhite-style oval mirror recorded bearing label which states that he ‘performs carving & gilding in all its branches, viz.

Bran(d)t, Charles, London, carver and gilder (1814–31). Trading at 16 Bow St, Bloomsbury in 1814; Compton House, 53 Old Compton St, Soho, 1816; 33 Theobalds Rd, Bedford Row, 1818; no.

Brown, Thomas, 167 Fleet St, London, backgammon table maker (1819). [D]

Brown, William, 28 Widegate St, Bishopsgate Without, London, ‘Leather Backgammon Table, and Dice Box Maker’ (c. 1810). [Trade card, MMA, NY]

Burnett, Thomas, Strand, London, u and cm (1744–74). Recorded at ‘The King's Arms, against the New Church in the Strand’, 1747–66, and no. 61 Strand, 1760–74. [D] In partnership with Gilbert Burnett, 1747–74.

Campion & Watkins, London, billiard and backgammon table makers (1829–39). At 13 Henrietta St, Covent Gdn in 1829 but by 1835 the partnership had ended and Arthur Campion was trading from 10 Adele St, Cheapside.

Champion & Watkins, 13 Henrietta St, Covent Gdn, London, billiard and backgammon table makers (1829). [D]

Cobb, John, 72 St Martin's Lane, London, u and cm (c. 1715– 78). John Cobb was presumably the one of that name put app. in 1729 to Tim Money, a Norwich u, for £45. [GL, Boyd's app. lists, vol. VI, p.

Collins, William, Tothill Fields, London, (1812–23).

Deeker (or Decker), James, 59 Berwick St, Soho, London, cm and backgammon and billiards table maker (1780–81). Trade cards show E. O. table flanked by figures of Hope and Chance, and state that Deeker ‘makes E. O.

Edlin, Edward C., New Bond St, London, turner and toyman by appointment to His Majesty (1796–1832). Recorded at no. 34, 1798–1808; and no. 31, 1831–32.

Ellis, Moses, London, freeman joiner, cm, stationer, backgammon table maker and turner (1769–1804). Recorded in Westharding St, 1769–72; Fenchurch St in 1773; Westharding St, 1775–79; and Fetter Lane, 1780–83. Trading at 110 Fetter Lane, 1802–04.

Erwood, Alfred, 9 Brownlow St, Holborn, London, billiard and backgammon table maker (1815–34). Recorded in partnership with James Erwood at no. 3, 1815–25; and alone, at no. 9, 1829–34. Declared bankrupt, Liverpool Mercury, 10 July 1829. [D]

Fernyhough, James, 2 London Bridge, Southwark, London, billiard and backgammon table maker (1829). [D]

Gomm, Tom, London, cm (1731). Supplied Richard Hoare for Barn Elms House bottle stands, a backgammon table, a chest of drawers etc. costing £23 13s 3d in 1731–32. [V & A Lib., 86 NN. 3]

Gomm, William & Richard, London, cm and u (c. 1698–1794). William Gomm was born c. 1698 the son of Richard Gomm, a yeoman farmer of Chinnor, Oxon. In 1713 he was app. to Hugh Maskall of London, a member of the Leathersellers’ Co.

Jewster, Mary, 2 Angel Ct, Leadenhall St, London, backgammon table maker (1802). Took out insurance in 1802 for £200 of which £100 was for utensils and stock. [GL, Sun MS vol. 423, ref. 732301]

King, Thomas William & Co., 12 Turn-again Lane, Snowhill, London, cabinet, knife-case and backgammon table maker (1790–93). [D] See William Henry King.

Laurence, Samuel, ‘The Crown & Coffee Mill’, Fenchurch St, London, turner (1730). In July 1730 supplied Sir Gilbert Heathcote with a large pair of backgammon tables and dice boxes at £1 3s. [Lincoln RO, 2 ANC 12/0/12]

Mayhew, John (1736–d. 1811) and Ince, William (d. 1804), London, cm.

Nickson, Samuel, Bridge St Row, Chester, cm and u (1802–27). Listed also at Commercial Buildings in 1816. Free 3 July 1802. Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

Peacock, Robert, Strand, London, cabinet and upholstery warehouse (1763–76). Established in the Strand by 1763 and in that year his premises suffered damage from a fire.